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Oops, two museums are doing it again

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Two of the Casino Three are poised to re-visit mistakes of the past: The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego will team up to apparently rent art from their collections to a gallery at Las Vegas’ Bellagio casino. (The third of the Casino Three: Washington’s Phillips Collection.)

The exhibition, “A Sense of Place: Landscapes from Monet to Hockney,” opens in April. According to a press release from MGM Resorts International, the exhibition “will present more than 30 artworks ranging from paintings, photographs and a video installation that contrast and compare both approach and expressionism in art. The exhibit will showcase landscapes by artists including Claude Monet, Marc Chagall, Helen Frankenthaler, David Hockney, Sylvia Plimack Mangold, Robert Rauschenberg, Christo, Vik Muniz and many others.”

In 2005 I wrote an op-ed in the Boston Globe detailing why the MFA’s re-monetization of its collection was improper. (The MFA confirmed yesterday that its arrangement this time around is similar to its previous arrangements.) I wrote about the MCASD’s rental of art from its collection on MAN in 2009. (The MCASD did not reply to an email yesterday asking about its latest arrangement with the casino gallery.)

The museums’ use of their collections would appear to be unusually clear violations of the Association of Art Museum Directors’ guidelines. In the past, AAMD has failed to enforce the relevant guidelines.

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  1. LJ Burton says:

    museums desperately need money – why not rent out art to places where culture is desperately needed, like LVNV. Souls could be saved. Lighten up.

  2. Michelle says:

    Thank Goodness for this exhibition in the Casino. There is no fine art museum in Las Vegas, this was the life saver when I decided to take art as one of my courses in college. I was about to see it in real life instead of on a P.C. It opens ones eyes to many different eras, culture and most important aesthetic pieces of work. Thank Goodness we were about to rent those pieces.

    NV Resident.

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