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MAN’s swimsuit issue: Behind the scenes!

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MANscoop: Only MAN can take you behind the scenes of MAN’s swimsuit issue! Featured above is a MANexcloo from around Trouville, France (probably) as MAN’s artists were preparing for the 1865 swimsuit issue. This behind-the-scenes plein-air painting, Approaching Storm (1864), was contributed by one of MAN’s favorite swimsuit issue artists, Eugene-Louis Boudin. You might even be able to see a few grains of sand on the painting.

Boudin is one of the stalwarts of MAN’s swimsuit issue crew. He’s twenty years older than most of the other painters on our crew. One of the younger ones, a lad named Claude Monet, is said to be particularly impressed by Boudin’s work. (We expect great bathing babes from him someday!) Remarkably, Boudin has yet to receive the full retrospective treatment in the United States. His paintings aren’t big, brushy, bright impressionist tour-de-forces like the canvases of the generation he helped inspire. Instead, Boudin made little Morandi-esque prequels, tiny gems that require and reward close viewing.

In this picture, Boudin has captured several of our demure models as they’re about to enter their changing wagons. (Tomorrow, MAN will feature an example of what one of our swimsuit belles femmes may have worn after emerging on the ocean side…) If you’d like to see a picture of a changing wagon from another angle — along with what one of our models looks like after changing! — click here and check out the second image!

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