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MAN’s first annual swimsuit issue

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This morning I watched a host of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue tweets fly across my screen. (Apparently the issue, the cover of which was revealed on David Letterman last night, hits newsstands today.) As it turns out, people men really, really really like seeing young women in bathing costumes. Who knew? Realizing an opportunity to expand MAN’s brand, I give you MAN’s first annual swimsuit issue post. (Maybe I can crack Charlie Rose. Or Fresh Air. Or at least The Sound of Young America.) Feel free to add more examples in the comments…

Related: MAN’s swimsuit issue, part two, aka the post with balls. Also, art museums sent in their contributions for the MAN swimsuit issue. Don’t miss this peek behind-the-scenes! And if SI can do bodypainting, art can too.

[Image: Pablo Picasso, Bathers, 1918. Collection of the Musee Picasso, Paris.]

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  1. Jodie Ahern says:

    Wesselman cover girl.

  2. Kate says:

    Love this. How about some Eric Fischl beach scenes?

  3. Jodie Ahern says:

    Here you go. It’s a list of images. Choose any of the “Tan Lines” bathers. http://tinyurl.com/68xm8ue

  4. Jodie Ahern says:

    Here’s a Paul Cadmus swimsuit model, pouring a beer down a grateful man’s throat. http://tinyurl.com/6dz58gm

  5. From the LA Weekly painting Character Flaw. http://bit.ly/ialYrr
    The ‘model’ (friend of friend crazy enough to get involved) also appears in the Powhida Movie Trailer.

  6. Eleanor Harvey says:

    Kuniyoshi, “Bather with Cigarette,” 1924, Dallas Museum of Art. Always thought this was a terrific send-up of Botticelli’s Birth of Venus…


  7. Nicole says:

    Max Beckmann. Quappi in Blue in a Boat. 1926/50.

  8. Nicole says:

    Alex Katz. Ada with a Bathing Cap, 1965 or Eleuthera, 1984

    Rineke Djikstra–lots and lots of them.

    And for something a little more abstract–how about Duchamp’s Sculpture for Traveling, 1918?

  9. Kelly Garrow says:

    Here’s our contribution: http://tinyurl.com/458c5wm We are also equal opportunity gawkers.

    Love, Toledo Museum of Art

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