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Art museums add to MAN’s swimsuit issue

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Art museums are having fun with MAN’s swimsuit issue. (Special behind-the-scenes peek here!) Don’t miss their tweeted contributions:

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  2. …no Rineke Dijkstra?

  3. Huh, that wasn’t the Hammer Beefcake I was expecting. But maybe the Felix Gonzalez-Torres go-go dancer’s silver hot pants don’t count as a swimsuit?


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  5. Nothing says “hubba hubba” like Gary Winograd’s “Beverly Hilton.”

    A bevy of other beauties from the Henry’s collection – including Baldassari, Misrach, Sekula, and more here:


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  7. Tyler,

    I was reminded of this work in MoMA’s collection yesterday, though it seems Karen beat me to it in the comments!

  8. Might I suggest, from LACMA’s collection, Coney Island by Paul Cadmus (!)

    Also, The Swimming Hole by Eakins (though technically skinny dipping).

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