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AAM, AAMD issue joint statement on Iowa Pollock

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Update: Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad’s (R) spokesman to MAN on the bill proposing the Pollock sale: “The governor has not taken a position and will continue to monitor legislative action.”

In reference to Wednesday’s news that a GOP lawmaker in Iowa is trying to force the University of Iowa Museum of Art to sell the Jackson Pollock masterpiece “Mural,” (1943), this just in:

“In response to the recent call to sell Jackson Pollock’s Mural from the collection of The University of Iowa Museum of Art, the Association of Art Museum Directors and the American Association of Museums released the following joint statement:

The Association of Art Museum Directors (AAMD) and the American Association of Museums (AAM) are alarmed to learn of the recent proposal to sell the Jackson Pollock painting Mural to underwrite costs at The University of Iowa.  Such a sale would violate a fundamental ethical principle of the museum field, one which all accredited museums are bound to respect: that an accessioned work of art may not be treated as a disposable financial asset.

University of Iowa President Sally Mason has forcefully spoken out against such an action in the past.  We applaud this courageous stand and deplore the treatment of works of art held in trust for the public as a ready source of cash.  We offer our support and call on the arts community to help prevent this permanent and irredeemable loss for the University and the people of the state of Iowa.”

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  1. James says:

    Sad, it’s happening more and more, Baldwin-Wallace College, a pricey private college located in suburban Cleveland Ohio recently sold off a huge collection of art and prints including “Crying Girl,” a 1963 signed Roy Lichtenstein lithograph owned by the college that sold for $30,680 at auction. 1,700 pieces of art were sold, netting $1.4 million. A mere $100,000 from the sale proceeds went to an endowment for the art department, the remainder is going to fund capital improvements. The college claimed it had no place to store their collection and no other means to do so. I wonder why if they ever contacted the Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art or The Cleveland Museum of Art?

  2. John Lenting says:

    I think that these overpaid politicians, should forego their salaries for at least two to three years and we could save the university and the “Pollock Mural”. After all doesn’t it all come down to mis-management of funds and the inability to get creative and raise the funds needed. Isn’t it in a large part the fault of politicians and conglomerate greedy corporations who indeed sold us out to the “Chinese, Indians, Pakastanis” and others for cheap products and plenty of profit.

    The demise of the american workforce, an eroded manufacturing industrial base go hand in hand to the kinds of problems the american people face day to day this kind of action runs parallel and feeds the very problems we are faced with today.

    What we need is a few clever artists to run the country.

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