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So you want ‘Urban Light’ in your movie…

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Natalie and Ashton are fab-u-lous in the new feature film “No Strings Attached,” but MAN hears that a fresh, bright bit-player is a scene-stealer in Paramount Pictures’ rom-com: Meet Chris Burden’s Urban Light, the Hollywood it-art of the moment!

The LACMA-owned artwork is in the flick, it’s featured in the TV ads that have been promoting “NSA” for weeks and it’s at the end of the trailer. My Hollywood spies tell me that Urban Light owns every scene its in, even taking the focus away from the two above-the-title stars! (Bet they don’t like that!) A source sent MAN this film still (above), which shows Urban Light towering over Natalie and Ashton, who are… there…. somewhere. MAN hears that you should even look for Urban Light in a racy photo-spread in the next issue of lad-mad Maxim! (No, not really.)

Turns out that “No Strings Attached” is the first movie that LACMA has ‘officially sanctioned’ to film around Urban Light, though several indy films have made semi-guerrilla use of the piece too, and Urban Light was featured on CBS soap “The Young and the Restless” in 2008.

Does LACMA charge a site fee? You bet. A museum spokesperson told MAN that the amount varies depending on the length of time the crew is on site, how much LACMA staff has to monitor the shoot so as to protect the artwork and so on. Naturally, rights are cleared by LACMA through Burden’s studio and the museum reviews the script and makes sure the museum comes out looking more Isabella than Lohan. A LACMA spokesperson said that in the end, the museum’s site fee typically ends up in the $10-25,000 range (which does not include Burden’s own site fee).

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