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  • If you missed Philip Kennicott’s Friday essay in the Washington Post, don’t. He calls for Smithsonian secretary G. Wayne Clough to resign. One of Kennicott’s reasons: Clough’s lack of leadership as demonstrated through his bizarre continued silence, about which I’ve also complained.
  • Holland Cotter adds little on the Mark Bradford retrospective, now at the ICA Boston. MAN’s review: Part one, Bradford’s Crow [above right], part three. (Sidenote: No 2010 review generated more email — pro and con — than the first part of what I wrote about Bradford.)
  • The San Francisco Chronicle’s Kenneth Baker offers some 2010 highlights and a top 10 list. (MAN’s top 10 runs later this week.)
  • In the St. Louis Beacon, Bob Duffy looks at Joe Jones (on view now at the St. Louis Art Museum) and his place in Missouri’s history.
  • The Freep’s Mark Stryker is right: Detroit had a big year in contemporary art.
  • This is great: Chronicle architecture critic slams the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco for banning sketching in exhibitions. Under its current leadership, the de Young is a theme park-style turnstiler, more interested in hosting glitzy rental shows than in enabling and promoting research and scholarship or offering meaningful experiences with art. King’s essay is a reminder that when a museum thinks engagement is secondary to traffic, it has abandoned mission for mercantilism.
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