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  • In TBD, Maura Judkis reports that “Hide/Seek” co-curator Jonathan Katz has received an abundance of anti-Semitic email. (Just in case you didn’t think bigotry of all kinds was at the root of this thing. It’s that kind of bigotry that Smithsonian Secretary G. Wayne Clough bowed to and further enabled.) Judkis also smartly writes that it’s important to see what comes next, exhibitions and scholarship-wise.
  • For more than a decade Doug Harvey has been one of America’s top art critics. The LA Weekly has dismissed him, bizarrely claiming that he’s “too academic,” reports Jori Finkel. No, seriously. Doug Harvey. Too academic. If Doug Harvey is too academic, I’m a Penguins fan.
  • Suggestion: The Getty’s Iris blog would be smart to make Harvey a critic-in-residence before-and-during the Getty’s Pacific Standard Time exhibapalooza.
  • Jonathan Jones asks if Bellini is underrated and if Bellini was Leonardo’s equal?
  • I don’t understand a word of this, but I think I agree with it.
  • Philip Kennicott, Washington’s top culture critic, examines David Wojnarowicz in the context of… Norman Rockwell? One little quibble: Kennicott says that Rockwell has been popular. Not exactly. A Smithsonian American Art Museum official told me earlier this week that the show has been a big attendance disappointment. [Update: SAAM notes that Rockwell is up 39% in attendance over the year-ago exhibition(s). Rockwell has an unusually large July-to-January window making show-to-show comparison’s difficult, but last fall/winter the museum showed a William T. Wiley retrospective.]
  • Earlier this year I complained that the New Topographics survey currently at SFMOMA is a major letdown. Here’s another example of why that show is such a missed opportunity: It turns out the famed “New Topos” exhibit may not have been the first examination of, well, New Topos photography. Fascinating stuff.
  • LACMA’s got holiday stockings!
  • Your guide to last-minute Christmas books.
  • There is serious awesomeness on MAN’s new Tumblr 3rd of May today. And we’re down to the last couple days of my Advent Calendar!
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  1. And if Doug Harvey is too academic I’m president of the Sidney Crosby Fan Club for Habitual Whiners.
    Merry Christmas…

  2. EdwardSzabo says:

    Re: Katz: Critics and scholars who happen to be Jewish have always played an important role in attacking traditionalist, Victorian values in the name of the avant-garde.

    See Eric P. Kaufmann, The Rise and fall of Anglo America

    Kevin MacDonald, The Culture of Critique, chapter 6: The Jewish Critique of Gentile Culture

    But it’s much easier to play the “anti-Semite” card than to consider such issues calmly and rationally.

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