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MAN and Artinfo launch two new Tumblrs

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I’m very excited about this: Today Artinfo is launching two new Tumblrs edited by me and put together by the entire Artinfo web team.

The first site is called 3rd of May, a reference to Goya’s masterpiece about, well, the 3rd of May, 1808. Here’s our description:

Guided by what’s going on in our world, an artwork a day. Each morning, 3rd of May will feature an artwork that seems relevant given something going on in the world. Maybe it will be a newspaper headline, an op-ed, a magazine expose or an important anniversary. Maybe it will be something else. There will be no art market, no parties and no openings. This is a daily celebration of art’s presence and relevance to our lives. An On Kawara-free zone.

I’ll try to post an artwork each weekday morning. When breaking news happens, I might add a second image a day.

The second site is holiday-specific: Tyler Green’s Advent Calendar. It will run between today and Dec. 24. It’ll be just like an advent calendar only with less cardboard: Every day I’ll feature one artwork that references the holidays. It could be a Renaissance nativity scene, it could be an artist’s Christmas card, it may be a Paul McCarthy-free zone. (It also may not be…) From Dec. 1-9, the site will feature a second, Hanukkah-specific image.

Many thanks to Artinfo’s super web team for helping us to get these launched and to Andrew Russeth for helping to conceive 3rd of May. All the sites will have room for comments and we hope you’ll share your thoughts and that you’ll tell a friend!

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  1. What’s wrong with On Kawara?

    I got up at 4:57 this morning. That’s an On Kawara joke!

    OK, maybe you have a point.

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