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  • Old meet new: The Getty’s Iris blog has a cool post of ancient Greek theaters photographed from above by classical archaeologist Hans Rupprecht Goette.
  • Debacles such as this remind me to admire rust-belt museums that serve their communities without selling exhibitions to local businesses. Art museums in Toledo, Pittsburgh, Dayton, Cincinnati, etc. should feel good about themselves today.
  • It also reminds me that smart museums find ways to engage their audiences around what interests their audiences most while being rigorously true to their missions. I wish the museum in question had taken this show.
  • Robert Storr gives Alex Rauch good interview. (He’s only half-right about art criticism today though. Digital media-engaged Storr isn’t. Furthermore, Storr is inadvertently hilarious on the corruption of art criticism when this.)
  • Art Garfunkel shoves his hands in his pockets, Cory Arcangel notices — and Dana Ward notices both at SFMOMA.
  • Sometimes the simplest things are the most fascinating: Attributing a paper bag.
  • Via Eyeteeth, Henry Rollins and Shirin Neshat visit a “hipster” East Village record store.
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