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  • Timed to the opening of its American Wing, the MFA Boston launches a new website.
  • I love that the Walker Art Center offered free admission to people wearing “I voted” stickers yesterday (via Twitter), but why isn’t the Walker free every day? It pulls in barely more than one percent of its annual revenue via admissions charges.
  • By margins of 3-to-1, Baltimore voters approved $1.2 million in renovation funding for the Baltimore Museum of Art and $500,000 for the Walters Art Museum yesterday. In today’s ‘death of art-in-journalism’ note: This news did not make it into the Baltimore Sun.
  • MAN and the Hammer Museum: Doing our part to help love blossom.
  • I’m a sucker for the Pont Aven school, so naturally I dig this new (sometimes disassembled!) Emile Bernard at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.
  • “No art owes quite as much to state power as French painting does” — and why Jonathan Jones thinks that matters now.
  • How Leger-esque is this ‘new’ Sol LeWitt? (Click for the JPEG, stay for the story.)
  • I wish there was a year-round tradition of American fancy-dress parties because then it wouldn’t feel like I was linking to these pictures of Jackson Pollock-as-a-cowboy and Marsden Hartley-as-a-bejeweled-Arabian-prince too late.
  • How well do you know your Blinky Palermos?
  • Via @artcity, this new Michael Bay-directed Victoria’s Secret commercial was shot at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Somewhere Jeffrey Deitch is thinking, “Rats! Missed opportunity!”
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