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Birthday choices courtesy Wayne Thiebaud, 90

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Wayne Thiebaud turns 90 years old today. Is the best way to celebrate…

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  1. Why not celebrate by just sitting quietly in a chair in an empty room? Or by lying on the floor for a while?

  2. ARusseth says:

    “Meringue is a beautiful substance,” he says, “but there also is a connection with the quality of the paint, the luscious, fatty richness of oil paint and the greasiness of meats and buttery frostings. This is a still-life area we have a tendency to take for granted.”


  3. Lee says:

    …think I will go for the cakes and pies…whimsical and fun :)

  4. Emi Matsui says:

    i saw dream yesterday about 15 cakes were on the one lady’s desk.

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