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  • It’s been fun watching the Southern California museums ramp up for the huge, 50-institution series of dozens of “Pacific Standard Time” exhibitions and events that will begin next year. Virtually ever SoCal art museum you can think of will organize or install a part of the show/story. (The shows aim to tell the story of art made in Southern California after World War II.) The latest tease is a blog post on Iris, the Getty’s blog about the conservation of a rare, early Doug Wheeler painting that’s headed for the MCASD version of the show. Longtime readers may recall that in 2008 MAN featured Wheeler’s first interview in ~30 years: The introduction, part one, part two, part three, part four.
  • At Hyperallergic, Kyle Chayka likes how MoMA’s “Abstract Expressionist New York” presents Robert Motherwell in a way we too-rarely see him. I thought one of the interesting parts of the show’s first galleries was watching Motherwell synthesize the Nabis and Matisse. In the picture with Chayka’s post, I think Motherwell’s Personage, with Yellow Ochre and White (1947) is likely related to a series of portraits Matisse did in the 1910s of women sitting in space, including MoMA’s own Woman on a High Stool (1914).
  • Lynette Roth tells the story behind what may be the best early Philip Guston painting.
  • How lousy are people who care about/work in the arts at making the case for our field to policy-makers? In California the arts have a $5.4 billion economic impact, yet neither gubernatorial candidate is really addressing issues related to the sector. (Part of the problem: There are too few art(s) journalists left who would raise and make this an issue in a major gubernatorial race.)
  • Just when I think I’m over Seattle based artists Lead Pencil Studio, they go and do something awesome such as this.
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