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  • LAT architecture critic (and must-follow) Christopher Hawthorne looks at the new Pompidou in Metz and says that this is a good moment for museum architecture because new and proposed spaces “move past tired arguments about how respectful a building is — or isn’t — to the artwork on view.” Odd: Hawthorne lumps the Hirshhorn’s proposed  Bulbous Membrane event space in with the bunch. I think that’s a bit out-of-place because Koshalek’s Folly is an event space and has nothing to do with art.
  • Wait, so now MOCA is holding museum programs at private homes and is deigning to share itwith the little people on the internets? Whut? I guess we non-boldface-names should be excited that the museum is playing Robin Leach and is giving us a peak into the lifestyles of the rich and famous. (Hilarous camera angle, MOCA. Way to impose voyeurism onto your audience.)
  • The LAT’s David Ng examines Jeff Sheng’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell photography show. Don’t miss it. Click through Sheng’s Flash-heavy site to see some of the pictures.
  • In the NYT, Eric Dash sees what it would look like if Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn was a Pittsburgh Steelers fan.
  • The Boston Globe’s Geoff Edgers reports that the MFA Boston is getting an Ellsworth Kelly from Bank of America. No image, alas. (Update: After spiking the story in the Globe, the MFA is making the image available only on request. Weird.)
  • In the Dallas Morning News, Michael Granberry talks with Nasher Sculpture Center director Jeremy Strick.
  • The Buffalo News’ Colin Dabkowski unpacks the Albright-Knox’s three-month urban art exhibition and festival.
  • Reality television-celebrity and New York mag art critic Jerry Saltz looks at Dan Colen at Gagosian and catches up with everyone else by proclaiming himself tired of the event-oriented, look-at-me, star-struck, New York art set.
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  1. greg.org says:

    put down your pitchfork, Tyler, MoCA’s meet the artist lawn party is exactly like every exclusive event every museum offers to every donors’ group. If anything, MoCA’s release of the discussion to the public is unusually egalitarian.

    Frankly, I’m surprised you haven’t mentioned the Aitken Experience they’re talking about. Or are you waiting for Deitch to announce that the Gala will become part of the museum’s collection?

  2. David Mahaffey says:

    hi Tyler. they say that “irony is dead” but then along comes J. Saltz…. it really doesn’t get any better than that :)

  3. c-mon says:

    MoCA in Miami has been holding events in people’s homes for years…

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