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Question of the day: Public art in your city

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Which artist would you most like to see create a work of public art where you live? (Please include where you live and where you’d like to see the work installed.)

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  1. Tyler Green says:

    Andrea Zittel, on the White House lawn.

  2. greg.org says:

    Agnes Denes on the National Mall ;)

  3. anthony says:

    will munro at queens park

  4. Emily Meyer says:

    Anish Kapoor in Pittsburgh, please!

  5. Zagrobelny says:

    Anish Kapoor anywhere! I’m in Tampa, FL so our public art is weak, but at least we’ve got a solid public art program in place. And we’ve got a Calder now so we’re official a real city.

  6. LA, CA says:

    Tim Hawkinson. Los Angeles. Any time. any place.

  7. greg.org says:

    I’m sure half of London is ready to help Anish Kapoor pack!

  8. nemastoma says:

    Martin Payton in Girard Park, Lafayette LA

  9. Doug says:

    James Turell under the Ellipse. Just a place for heads to clear.

  10. gracesdad says:

    Andy Goldsworthy on the Los Angeles River

  11. Jeff Jahn says:

    Kapoor’s Cloud gate is the best bit of public art in the last 25 years or more. I want one too.

  12. JC says:

    I’d like to see some of Jeff Koons’s decorated CT scanners (see MAN 31 Aug. posting) installed in NYC hospitals. There’s probably more praying done in the rooms where these things are used than in church sanctuaries these days.

  13. PQB says:

    I live in Boulder, CO. So basically anyone.

  14. Keith says:

    Kenneth Snelson (raised in Oregon) on the waterfront in Portland, Oregon.

  15. John says:

    Robert Lazzarini – away from auto traffic.

  16. TLR TLR says:

    Banksy’s clandestine canvasing has nothing on John Chamberlain’s apparently indefinite under-wraps residency in Detroit. We’ve had enough!

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