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Phillips Collection fire, updated 1pm EDT

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I’m on scene at the Phillips Collection where there was a morning fire. I’ll have details here as soon as they’re available. Look for tidbits and pictures at http://twitter.com/tylergreendc.

UPDATE, 1pm EDT: No one was hurt and preliminary indications are that no artwork was “significantly damaged” after a Thursday morning fire at Washington’s Phillips Collection museum, director Dorothy Kosinski said. Museum officials said that a thorough evaluation of art that was in the museum’s 1897 Georgian mansion building was underway but was not complete.

While the Phillips was still waiting for the fire department’s report, early indications are that there was no fire on nor smoke damage to floors on which art was installed, Kosinski said. DC fire department spokesperson Pete Piringer said that smoke damage was limited to the building’s top floor, which is office-space,  but that all floors of the mansion suffered water damage. The museum moved art from the affected areas into its Goh Annex.

“There was a fire on the roof apparently related to our restoration work of the Phillips house,” Kosinski said. Piringer said that while the cause of the fire was under investigation, welding work was one likely area of focus.

The museum is closed and Kosinski said she is unsure when the museum will re-open.

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  1. Doesn’t saying that no artwork was “significantly damaged” seem like a way of soft-pedaling the statement “artwork was damaged”?

    I’m just saying.

  2. John says:

    Glad you are there for the updates.

  3. pensum says:

    Yikes! what’s the final word?

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