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Opening up MoMA’s storage locker

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I suspect this will be discussed plenty in the coming months, but MoMA’s latest ‘national museum shows local artists’ show reveals the (still) painfully obvious: When MoMA expanded earlier this decade, it didn’t build enough gallery space. Not even close. [Image: Adolph Gottlieb, Blast, I, 1957.]

There are plenty of paintings in MoMA’s abex-in-our-city survey that should be out of storage more often, including major paintings by Gottlieb and Reinhardt but also works by less-famed abexers such as Hedda Sterne. Fortunately it’s easy to see all those Gottliebs online. (Oh, wait…)

So who/what would you most like to see MoMA get out of storage and onto the walls? For me: Andre Derain‘s thrusting Bathers is The Forgotten 1907 Painting, the great work doomed to be forever overshadowed by the two other greater-than-great 1907 paintings. What/who would you pick? MoMA’s collection website is, er, a work-in-progress, but give it a whirl…

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  1. Care Morency says:

    We just watched a DVD about avant-garde films, so this is on my mind:

  2. ArtWhirled says:

    I’d rescue Ken Price from @MuseumModernArt’s storage. http://bit.ly/9tQF2y Maybe they’ll loan them to @LACMA for the retro.

  3. What would be wonderful would be to make the storage space into visible storage, a la the Luce Centers. Perhaps this does not directly answer your question, but how can one choose just one artwork?!

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