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Question of the day: Tweeting artists?

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What artist(s) would you most like to follow on Twitter? (Answers may include artists on Twitter and artists who aren’t.)

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  1. For me: Mark Dion.

  2. Leonardo da Vinci

  3. If he was alive, I would really love to follow Félix González-Torres… Even though I really don’t know if he would have twitter, but surely would be very poetic and social…

    Right now, I follow Yoko Ono, and in fact I don’t love her tweets so much…

  4. Lee Bontecou. Now that would be something

  5. I’d follow you Tyler Green! And Eric Hebborn.

  6. Lawrence Weiner would probably be interesting.

  7. Barbara Kruger…

  8. Banksy.

  9. by Emily Larsen

    Audrey Flack

  10. Here are a few artists who twit:

    Hannah Cole @hansayellow (painting)

    Nathanial Whitcomb @thinkorsmile (collage)

    Erik Otto @erikotto (low-brow/street mixed media)

    Ryan de la Hoz @ryandelahoz (Mission school)

    Sharon Butler @twocoats (color field painting)

  11. If you could reanimate some of the surrealists and dadaists that would be cool. Do you have the technology?

  12. by Morris Kline

    Robert Irwin

    Spencer Finch

    Michael Heizer

  13. Basquiat. Or Brian Eno.

  14. I’d do anything to have Eugene J. Martin tweet!

  15. Andy Warhol seems like an obvious choice.

  16. Max Ernst
    James McNeill whistler

  17. Kiki Smith, Miranda July, Louise Bourgeois (RIP)

  18. Martin Kippenberger, Martin Creed, Martin Mull?

    Josiah Mcelheny

  19. lawrence weiner or paul mccarthy

  20. Bob Ross for sure: “Let’s build us a happy, little cloud that floats around the sky.”

  21. Louise Nevelson (swoon!)

  22. I would be thrilled to see Andy Warhol tweeting. He is definitely one of my favorites.

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