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Question of the day: Artist catalogues online

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Gerhard Richter’s life’s work is online, a sort-of catalogue raisonne of JPEGs. Much of Ed Ruscha’s work (1958-1992) is too. Whose work would you most like to be able to access in this kind of format? [Update: A commenter points out I should have specified 'living artists.']

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  1. Hans Haacke.

  2. Francis Picabia!

  3. Roy Lichtenstein does as well – http://www.imageduplicator.com

  4. Ushio Shinohara on this one, if only because it’s so damn hard to track down quality images and documentation of much of his work.

  5. by David Mahaffey

    Robert Motherwell

  6. Polke, Polke, Polke

  7. Orozco
    Klaus Sluter
    etc., etc.

    The question quickly becomes; who’s work wouldn’t you want to be access thoroughly?

  8. Dead artist: Bill Traylor
    Living artist: Christina McPhee. As jpg stills extracted from her new media works.

  9. Thomas Houseago

  10. Neo Rauch

  11. Twombly & de Kooning of course.

  12. I am partial to modern artists. I would love to see works of Andy Warhol and Willem De Kooning.

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