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Question of the day: Artist catalogues online

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Gerhard Richter‘s life’s work is online, a sort-of catalogue raisonne of JPEGs. Much of Ed Ruscha‘s work (1958-1992) is too. Whose work would you most like to be able to access in this kind of format? [Update: A commenter points out I should have specified ‘living artists.’]

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  1. Tyler Green says:

    Hans Haacke.

  2. Giovanni says:

    Francis Picabia!

  3. matsonjones says:

    Roy Lichtenstein does as well – http://www.imageduplicator.com

  4. Marshall says:

    Ushio Shinohara on this one, if only because it’s so damn hard to track down quality images and documentation of much of his work.

  5. David Mahaffey says:

    Robert Motherwell

  6. Marc says:

    Polke, Polke, Polke

  7. MDavidson says:

    Klaus Sluter
    etc., etc.

    The question quickly becomes; who’s work wouldn’t you want to be access thoroughly?

  8. nemastoma says:

    Dead artist: Bill Traylor
    Living artist: Christina McPhee. As jpg stills extracted from her new media works.

  9. PQB says:

    Thomas Houseago

  10. Mariam says:

    Neo Rauch

  11. Twombly & de Kooning of course.

  12. Yancey Arts says:

    I am partial to modern artists. I would love to see works of Andy Warhol and Willem De Kooning.

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