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America’s Favorite Art Museum tourney, Round of Eight

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It’s on to the elite eight in MAN’s America’s Favorite Art Museum tournament. Museums that typically receive little national attention are wielding their email lists and social media platforms with hitherto unimagined ferocity… but will MAN readers respond to their campaigns by voting for wonderful museums that may be more familiar?

The first two match-ups in the round of eight  feature four museums of a certain age, all with notable collections. (The last two match-ups will post tomorrow.) You can find information on the tourney and the seedings here. Part two of the second round will come tomorrow. Voting closes on Sunday at 5pm ET. Follow me on Twitter for updates on the voting.

Toledo Museum of Art on MAN: Toledo acquires a 1963 Wayne Thiebaud. Toledo acquires a sexy Paul Cadmus. Childe Hassam and two-point perspective. The museum’s collection website.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum: The museum’s collection website.

Polls are closed.

Worcester Art Museum on MAN: Five things. The museum’s collection website.

Cleveland Museum of Art on MAN: Cleveland acquires a Mark Grotjahn. Cleveland acquires an Omer Fast. [Both are on view now.] Updating 1916 in Cleveland. The museum’s collection website.

Polls are closed.

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  1. Jan Crooker says:

    I am an artist today because of the great children’s art program atthe Toledo Museum of Art.

  2. Marcia Lagerwey says:

    WAM rocks 7 days a week with exhibitions, classes, artist visits, and much much more! And the best thing of all–wonderful people work there!

  3. WAM! I haven’t heard that in a long time! Yes it rocked in the 70’s when I was taking classes with the most incredible artists! I’m glad to see that it’s still going strong! Absolutely a beautiful museum.

  4. James Sherlock says:

    I’ve taught art classes at the Toledo Museum of Art since 1978, and there’s no place I’d rather be.

  5. Carol Block says:

    All around, it is the most extraordinary collection from the finest artists, housed in a magnificent building, and supported by a devoted community. Its inception was brilliant. The original Libbey endowment specified that most of the money was to be used for acquisitions, and the community had to rally to provide funding for the administration of the museum. This means that when the opportunity to buy something extraordinary, the funds were available, and the community rallied to provide programs and administration for the art which is at the heart of the city.

  6. Claudia Sundberg says:

    The TMA is totally a thumbs up museum. I even love the smell of the cork flooring. I love the watercolor classes and anyone can ewxperience glass blowing from great artists.

  7. Kathleen Pausic Gagen says:

    The Toledo Museum of Art is a world class museum. Because it is well endowed admission to the galleries is free, with the exception of special visiting shows. Located in the Old West End Historic District, it has historically and continues to welcome guests from all demographics. Due to the insistence of one of its founding benifactors, Florence Scott Libby (of Libby Glass), it was the first Art Museum to actively welcome children. Their home, recently converted to a museum home, is across the street. Every Friday, it welcoms neighbors from near and far to “It’s Friday” with docent tours, entertainment, food and drink. This helps to make art accessable to the public, not just the elite.

    Within the past few years the TMA moved it’s large glass collection to a new home at it’s state of the art, climate controlled, Center for Glass (also known as the Glass Pavillion). In addition to historical and contemport items and house and special showings, guests may view glass bieng made on site.

    Our museum is also a teaching facillity. It is the home of the University of Toledo’s art program. The museum also offers classes for both adults and children for reasonable cost.

    We love our Museum!!!

    Kathleen Pausic Gagen
    Resident of the Old West End

  8. Shelly Orenstein says:

    Toledo is so fortunate that the Libbeys had the foresight to endow this fantastic museum. Wonderful programming and classes, fabulous exhibits, and amazing architecture. We are the Glass City, and it’s so appropriate that we have a fabulous building devoted to glass art and glass blowing.

  9. Marilyn says:

    I’m not a museum “junkie” but I REALLY APPRECIATE the Toledo Museum of Art!

  10. Marlene says:

    TMA for the win!! Gorgeous building, excellent collection and *live* glass blowing!

  11. Erica says:

    WAM rocks..literally did you catch “Who Shot Rock and Roll” exhibit! Need I say more?

  12. Janet Rogolsky says:

    The Toledo Museum of Art welcomes visitors from near and far with its outstanding collections, its innovative programs, its knowledgeable staff, and its emphasis on honoring the past while looking toward the future. There really is something for everyone.

  13. Ellen says:

    Whenever we have guests, the Toledo Museum of Art is the top of our “must see” list for Toledo. It’s an amazing resource for our community.

  14. Brett Taylor says:

    Again the TMA is one of the centers of the arts in the city of Toledo. Its a completely free Museum, that is kid, and adult friendly. It has some very great rooms. The glass pavilion is a must see when you come to the Glass City.

    TMA, If you lived here, you would be crazy about it also. :)

  15. John Dion says:

    Just had lunch at the Worcester Art Museum’s Cafe yesterday. Sat outdoors with a friend, enjoyed a great meal, and then wandered through my favorite galleries. A perfect afternoon.

  16. Rick Bush says:

    As a native Toledoan displaced to Phoenix, I’ve been able to take friends of mine from the area back to the TMA and they’re always impressed. It’s truly one of the highlights of the city and a must-see for everyone.

  17. nancy ravin says:

    Carol Block, did you get my letter?
    i loved what you had to say about the Toledo Museum — now come on home and visit it!
    I come from Cleveland where the art museum has the place of honor in the city, and Toledo is the same: the whole region acknowledges that the TMA is a jewel about which we love to boast!

  18. Kaufman says:

    I grew up attending Saturday morning art classes at the Toledo Museum of Art and eventually attended classes there as an art major at the University of Toledo. Attended many of the Sunday afternoon concerts as well.

    What a wonderful, gorgeous, glorious place…

  19. Amy Fidler says:

    So proud of the TMA. It’s a bragging point of Toledoans as a must-see for anyone who comes into town.

  20. Robin VanLear says:

    The Toledo museum has my absolute favorite Picasso, the woman with the Crow on her shoulder, small but amazing!

  21. Kerry says:

    I treasure and love the Toledo Art Museum. I have been to museum all over this country and none house as fine a selection as the Toledo Art Museum. What is even more impressive about the museum is that it is FREE! What other high quality art museum is so dedicated to sharing art withthe world that its doors are open for free?

  22. Tim Ide says:

    Keepin it real in the 419…

  23. Janet Killam says:

    The Toledo Museum of Art is a gem and a must see for anyone interested in viewing the creme de la creme of each artists’ work. It never disappoints!

  24. Elizabeth A Roth says:

    A great treasure in our city that never fails to delight.

  25. Has outstanding partnerships with the schools and other cultural groups to bring art to the public

  26. Julia says:

    The Toledo Museum of Art is truly a WORLD CLASS MUSEUM. Through the foresight of the Libbey
    family, it continues to expose the finest quality of artworks from early history to contemporary
    level, at the same time as offering cultural performances and artclasses to it’s supportive community. We hail this gem in our midst, and see it generate attendance and influencenow and in the future. It’s value is needed now more than ever in troubled times of the world.

  27. Dave Bruns says:

    Took my first art classes at TMA at the age of 55 and found I loved it. Its become something of a second home for myfamily.

  28. Carolyn Bowers says:

    We take everybody to the TMA. All of our grandchildren from age 2 to 11 love to visit there and they all like different things. The glass museum is a wonderful building with delightful programs and displays. Our 2 year old grandson reacted to totally different types of paintings throughout his first stroll. It was delightful for all of us to see what he would focus on next.

    The TMArtmatters magazine keeps members up to date on events, but the best part is that anyone can go to the museum free. What a wonderful asset that is for the community.

  29. Mary Foote says:

    The Toledo Museum of Art is outstanding in every way! We are so fortunate to have such a fantastic museum.

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