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America’s Favorite Art Museum: The rest of the final four

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Here’s the second final four match-up in MAN’s America’s Favorite Art Museum tourney. The first match-up is here. Voting closes at 5pm Sunday.

Philadelphia Museum of Art on MAN: Bruce Nauman’s Days, Cezanne and Beyond (part two, three), Then were the Philly Museum visitors glad when they saw the gore. The museum’s collection website.

Clark Art Institute on MAN: Five things from my visit to the Clark last summer.  The museum’s collection website.

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  1. Love the Clark…a favorite destination.

  2. Diana French says:

    The clark offers its members and visitors a beautiful campus, great exhibitions, an interesting permanent collection: all housed in some great architecture! Tadao Ando’s Stome Hill Center nestles amidst the hills and mountains of the Berkshires as if it were always meant to be there!

  3. Carolyn Monez-Isherwood says:

    I enjoy the location of the Clark as well as the way the exhibits are put together so well. It is my favorite museum.

  4. arnie ludwick says:

    we live in montreal; discovered the CLARK by accident a few decades ago and never fail to come back at least once a year…………if just to sit in the RENOIR room………..the CLARK is a gem!!!!!!

  5. Elizabeth Hannock says:

    The Berkshires. Always a top draw for art lovers from all over the world. And the Plum is The Clark, everyone’s favorite.

  6. Papa John says:

    The Clark with the new and expanded campus is very special!

  7. Stephen Hannock says:

    This summer… it’s hardly been a chore, while painting in our North Adams studios, to duck into the Clark to visit Degas and Picasso two or three times a week. It’s just not too tough to take.
    Many thanks to you, Clark Institute.

  8. TC says:

    PMA! PMA! PMA!

  9. Don & Judy Markstein says:

    The Clark is expansive. It’s not just a wonderful art museum, but we have enjoyed free really great movies related to the Picasso/Degas exhibit, four outstanding summer chamber music concerts in the most comfortable theater, with the best acoustics we have ever experienced.

    An artist friend of mine once told me that many artists think that museum food is like restaurant art. Not at the Clark! The newly opened attractive restaurant has wonderful food.

    The views of the mountains and of a neighboring lily pond from the Clark’s windows are almost as enchanting as its great collection of Impressionist paintings, including its large collections of Renoirs.

    Finally, The Clark is family and town friendly. Its “Family Day” and outdoor Tuesdays-in-July, dinner-time concerts on its lawns this summer were huge drawing cards that drew the town families to the Clark’s exhibits as well as its most attractive grounds.

  10. Gallery Hopper says:

    The thing about the Clark is that it’s a whole package. We visited this summer, saw an amazing scholarly exhibition, took a walk on a woodsy trail next to a serene pasture, had a picnic, saw Juan Munoz sculptures interacting with the environment at their Stone Hill Center, and then had another picnic while we listened to an outdoor jazz concert. All that, and a first rate Art History library and visiting fellows program to boot!

  11. Marty Rudolph says:

    Imagine viewing great art in a super relaxing atmosphere, as it should be, without being jostled or blocked. Onions and girls with royal blue dresses would be enough…but there is sooo much more. The Clark is a must visit for anyone within 1000 miles!

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