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America’s Favorite Art Museum: The final

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There are two museums left in MAN’s America’s Favorite Art Museum tournament: The Clark Art Institute and the Toledo Museum of Art. I’ll be sharing images of works in their collections via Twitter for the rest of the week. Voting closes Sunday at 5pm. Results will post Monday afternoon. Vote ‘em up:

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  1. Barbara says:

    The Toledo Museum of Art is truly a jewel in the Mid West crown, but it goes beyond just the mid west. The collections are spectacular and rival any collections anywhere, truly world class. The Toledo Museum of Art is an exquisite example of what a community centered museum can be; welcoming and accessible. The museum and its staff are gracious to students, and have been brilliant partners in the education of both the community at large and the art students of the University of Toledo. We are profoundly lucky to be situated right next to this irreplaceable resource. The TMA ROCKS!

  2. Mel Bryant says:

    The Toledo Museum of Art is a masterpiece in every way. Its awe-inspiring and historically significant collection is accessible to everyone, beautifully presented and supported by a knowledgeable and committed staff. If it were located in New York, the entire world would be beating a path to its door…

  3. Meg says:

    LOVE the TMA. I’ve been to museums all over the world, and this is still one of my favorites! Great art, programs, people… and still free to the public! All because of great donors and members!

  4. Alison says:

    The Clark Art Institute is a hidden treasure. Off the beaten path of the New York-centric East Coast art scene, not only is the Western Mass museum’s collection strong but it is personal and shown in such an intimate way that one can truly absorb and appreciate each piece. The new addition by Tadao Ando is also phenomenal, bringing a world class piece of architecture to the Berkshires and making the museum feel instantly updated as if it were leaping right into the 21st century in a single bound. Not to mention that the current exhibit “Picasso Looks at Degas” is one of the best shows in the country in recent memory, both in terms of quality of the art and historical significance.

  5. Isabella Brent says:

    Clearly Toledo has lots of local fans, but honestly … there’s just no comparison between the exhibitions that Toledo mounts and the remarkable shows that the Clark does! Just take a look at today’s NY Times review of the Clark’s Picasso and Degas show. Toledo might be nice, but the Clark is just so clearly supreme in every respect — collections, exhibitions, beautiful campus and overall contribution to the arts community. It’s Clark all the way!

  6. Papa John says:

    The Clark is a very special place, even more special with the enlarged campus. You have to see it to fully understand this why so many people visit this museum year after year.

  7. Todd Ruehle says:

    Live right down the street and love walking through….
    Tonight is a concert on the steps….. How awesome !!!

  8. JoAnne Tressler says:

    The Toledo Museum of Art has fulfilled many needs for our family alone not to mention the culture it brings to our community as whole.
    Our five children benefited from art classes there back in the 70’s and gained an appreciation for the creative. Our one daughter became an art major with design Illustration but all have very creative touches that they use in their lives, a sense of beauty in nature ……..
    My comments are just a tip of the iceberg that can be said about it.
    Mike’s father was a glass artist and spent many hours at the museum drawing and also making a replica,for one of Toledo’s glass companies,of an ancient mosque lamp.
    submitted by JoAnne

  9. Edward Slack says:

    The Toledo Museum of Art is a georgeous building housing a vast collection of masterpieces from all over the world, and is a worthy rival of other museums internationally. The TMOA Glass Pavillion stands alone as an example of excellence. A tour of the galleries and Pavillion leaves an indelible impression on visitors who would not anticipate such an array elsewhere in the midwest. As a child, I grew up visiting the museum and return frequently to view old favorites. The TMOA is a hometown treasure.

  10. The Toledo Museum of Art is truly a jewel… the world needs to know more about the outstanding collection that is beautifully hung in wonderful buildings that mix the past and the present! An it’s all free for all to see… thanks to the wonderful community support and many devoted patrons of the Toledo art scene. Amazing! We’re all proud it’s here in TOLEDO.

  11. […] p.m. To vote between the Toledo Museum of Art and Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, visit http://blogs.artinfo.com/modernartnotes/. The voting window will end on Sunday, August 29 at 5 […]

  12. Barbara Cummins says:

    This truly is an outstanding museum in every way…the depth of the art collection,it’s beautiful museum campus and buildings, the great community support and wonderful staff and volunteers. We feel very fortunate to have it in Toledo.

  13. Andrea says:

    The best thing about Toledo!

  14. Greg says:

    The Toledo Museum of Art has the best of the best in their collection. Libbey searched for truely top quality objects for his collection. The building itself is a piece of art too.

  15. sy karpen says:

    the clark institute has a phenominal collection of Renoir and other great paintings and sculpture. A small town treasure.

  16. Kateri says:

    The WORLD should know about the Toledo Museum of Art! Visitors are very impressed by the best-kept art secret in a community!

  17. Marge says:

    The manner in which TMA showcases its extraordinary collection, utilizing furniture and accessories from the same period as the gallery’s paintings, makes it exceptionally user friendly and educational for the visitor. It acheives a very unique balance and beauty within its handsome structure.

  18. Ade says:

    TMA Rules!! I’ve lived in Cleveland the last two years and all I could think about was getting back to Toledo to see the new exhibits. CMA doesn’t hold a candle to TMA. The new exhibit the Rockin 60s is spectacular! It was truly amazing to see graphic design like that and it was free! I reccomend it to everyone,it’s awsome!!!!!

  19. Diane says:

    Crossing finger,
    Holding breath,
    That TMA,
    Comes out the BEST!

  20. Mary Beaber says:

    We just celebrated our 50th class reunion and went to the Toledo Museum ” Glass Pavilion”. We had 37 in attendance from all over the U.S. This is a magnificent glass building, absolutely amazing! with beautiful glass exhibits, glass blowing demonstrations, a great staff able to answer any question. It was unbelievable. If you haven’t visited, you should.

  21. Nicole Elias says:

    Toledo Museum of Art!

  22. Jym says:

    The Toledo Museum of Art has been and always will be an inspiration to me and my art. Thank you TMA for all you do!!!!!

  23. Sydney says:

    Toledo Museum of Art is awesome.

  24. SUSAN DOUKIDES says:

    We are so proud of our Museum. High light of of our out of town visitors trips to Toledo.

  25. Susan Detweiler says:

    We love the Clark – the art, architecture, setting and staff. All superb!

  26. Marilyn Buchholz says says:

    The Toledo Museum of Art is awesome. I spent many hours there in my youth,taking art classes,as did my 3 children when they were in their teens. So many beautiful exhibits and a truly magnificent glass building with many lovely and unusual glass exhibits.

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