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America’s Favorite Art Museum, Round of Eight, part two

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The final two match-ups in the round of eight  are below. (The first two match-ups are available here.) You can find information on the tourney and the seedings here. Part two of the second round will come tomorrow. Voting closes on Sunday at 5pm ET. Follow me on Twitter for updates on the voting.

Philadelphia Museum of Art on MAN: Bruce Nauman’s Days, Cezanne and Beyond (part two, three), Then were the Philly Museum visitors glad when they saw the gore. The museum’s collection website.

Seattle Art Museum on MAN: SAM’s novel admissions fee campaign. The museum’s collection website.

Polls are closed.

National Gallery of Art on MAN: Mark Rothko‘s black canvases in the light; Byron Kim’s Synecdoche; The mystery of the Venetian gentleman (part one, two, three, four). The museum’s collection website.

Clark Art Institute on MAN: Five things from my visit to the Clark last summer.  The museum’s collection website.

Polls are closed.

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  1. Peg Keiser says:

    I was especially impressed by the Clark’s exhibit a few years ago, “The Unknown Monet”, with it’s bonus of images from all of Monet’s known sketchbooks. The museum itself, is a very comfortable space.

  2. The Clark is one of my favorite art museums. It has a superlative permanent collection and stages outstanding feature exhibitions. To visit is to immerse oneself in the sublime manifestations of artists past.

  3. Ann Sams says:

    No matter how often I visit the Clark, it never fails to delight me.
    What a classy establishment…….I look forward to every event and every visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ann Sams says:

    I just love the Clark, every visit, winter or summer is a great delight……..What a classy operation…..It is always a delite….

  5. L. Johnson says:

    A gem in a beautiful surrounding!

  6. Dale Waterman says:

    The Clark is my refuge during rainy,gray days. It has a wonderful setting and a fabulous collection. I look forward to each new exhibit.

  7. Dr. Andrew Rose says:

    The Clark is our favorite museum because it combines seasonally rotating shows of the highest quality with an educational approach. It is, in fact, on a beautiful campus with walks and a secondary building that is an architectural tour de force.

    The museum is an absolute gem with refined attention to detail. We are members and visit it at least three times a year in spite of living in the metropolitan NYC area.

  8. A. Smith says:

    Having first visited the Clark as a child on school field-trips, I continue to find gems that amaze me each time I go. Art museums are my travel destinations, and the Clark is one of the all-time greats.

  9. Leonard Marx says:

    The permanent collection, special eshibits (Degas-Picasso 2010) large campus type setting, and educational programs make the Clark Art Institute a unique gem.

  10. G R Haus says:

    Excellent Impressionistic collection.
    Always bold and intelligent exhibitions, i.e. “Picasso looks at Degas”

  11. G R Haus says:

    Excellent Impressionistic collection. Clark has bold and intelligent exhibitions, for example, “Picasso looks at Degas.”

  12. G R Haus says:

    The Clark has an excellent Impressionistic collection. They also show bold and intelligent exhibitions, for example, the current “Picasso looks at Degas.”

  13. C Corbett says:

    The Clark is a jewel. It’s a great art collection in the country — we are so lucky to have it in the region. My life would be diminished if it were not here.

  14. Karen Furst says:

    The Clark is one of America’s shining jewels. The permanent exhibit is compelling,the annual exhibits are curated with insight and high energy, the accompanying exhibit books are stunning–let alone fascinating. Afer having worked for the curators at the Cleveland Museum in the 60s, and visited some of the finest museums in the country and Europe, I feel that the Clark out performs them all for their choice in art and intelligent presentation.

  15. Count Pete says:

    I love the Clark, but let’s be serious–it’s no match for the National Gallery, home to one of the great collections on earth, and host of some of the most stunning shows I’ve ever visited. The Clark just isn’t in the same league.

  16. Patricia Gordon says:

    The Clark never fails to delight, inform and entertain. Never static, never boring, always something new to discover. The special exhibitions are challenging and transforming. Then there are the concerts, the films, the special events, the beautiful setting, the excellent museum shop and the library. Splendid!

  17. D Schload says:

    I live in the region and love going to the Clark regularly. The free Family Days are especially fun and I never miss them! The summer concerts on the lawn are another wonderful community event in a gorgeous and comfortable setting. The collections themselves are interesting, and I find it fun to return time and again to see what new artwork is up amidst the permanent collection, what’s been moved, what I see differently in the same painting from a different viewpoint. Sometimes I come in and just look at the frames (gorgeous!) Other times I just look at the borders to see the fine detail in the artist’s work. Sometimes I come to just look at the sculptures, other times just to walk the lovely nature paths, or to climb the hill to see a great view of the town and surrounding mountains (especially lovely in the fall). It’s a fantastic museum and the Berkshires is an awesome place to live.

  18. chef jerry says:

    an undervisited and underappreciated treasure of the Clark: the library!!!

    Even if you don’t know how to read it’s worth a visit, if only to watch others soaking up knowledge.

    but i wish i could get as enthused about the andoh addition. it’s great that the clark has all of that curatorial space, but the architect missed the mark, especially the entrance, which reminds me of the a men’s latrine in a second class football stadium. lest you think me churlish though, i think that he did a brilliant job with his ft. worth museum assignment!

  19. C R Milbank says:

    I don’t think I could have gotten through the endlessly bleak winters at college in Vermont if it hadn’t been for visits to the Clark. I would run past the Bouguereau, skirt the Renoirs, and immerse myself in all the Sargents – here was a painter I had thought of as a society portraitist who could capture the iridescent effervescence of some 19th century version of “floaties” worn by toddlers on a beach; a shaft of light in a dark Venetian alleyway; even ambergris smoke. If the Clark had stayed the exactly the same as it was then, it would be my favorite museum; that it’s grown in every way (The Tadao Ando building!)is the best example I know of how a museum can balance honoring the past with embracing the future.

  20. Jean says:

    to arrive and discover the rich collection is fabulous.

  21. Joan Chandler says:

    The Clark definitely has to be America’s favorite art museum! It is small, but so fully packed with interesting and ever changing works of art. WIlliamstown itself is a great place to visit after you go to The Clark, but eat lunch first at the new cafe up on the hill. The view is fantastic – you will not want to leave.

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