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Why cover news when you can byline a press release?

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It’s disappointing to see the NYT’s Carol Vogel (and her editors) flub a story that was all but handed to them. This morning Vogel ran the paper’s second write-up of the Guggenheim’s, er, arrangement with YouTube. Vogel’s story is effectively a bylined press release.

Vogel apparently made no investigation of the news that Google, YouTube’s parent company, may have paid for space on the Guggenheim’s wall and for the participation of the museum’s curatorial department, an arrangement that would take the Guggenheim back to its ‘Armani’ days. She certainly didn’t mention it. (Given multiple opportunities, the museum has refused to deny the possibility of a pay-for-exhibition arrangement.) MAN broke the story here.

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  1. DeAnna Asborno says:

    All that you could want to see! Amazing collection. Great atmosphere, too.
    Can’t wait to return.

  2. David L. tucker says:

    My wife and I look forward to visitng the Clark each year when we go to Vermont.

  3. David L. tucker says:

    My wife and I look forward to visiting the Clark each yearwe go to Vermont.

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