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America’s Favorite Art Museum, Round Two, part three

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Continuing: The second round of MAN’s America’s Favorite Art Museum tournament! This is the third of four posts in which you can vote on the second round. Part one is here. Part two is here. Part four comes on Friday. Voting closes on Sunday at 5pm ET. I’ll post the results on Monday. (For voting updates and more, follow me on Twitter.)

Readers are also encouraged to share links to their favorite collection works (or, for kunsthalles, links to shows in the comments!

Round Two, continued.

Walker Art Center on MAN: Biographer unpacks Chuck Close’s landmark self-portrait. The Walker goes on a photo acquisition spree. The Walker acquires a Tomma Abts. The museum’s collection website.

Baltimore Museum of Art on MAN: Cezanne and American Modernism (part two). Matisse prints retrospective (part two, three). Matisse cures all. Franz West retrospective (part two, three, four, five). The museum’s collection website.

Poll concluded, removed.

Cleveland Museum of Art on MAN: Cleveland acquires a Mark Grotjahn. Cleveland acquires an Omer Fast. [Both are on view now.] Updating 1916 in Cleveland. The museum’s collection website.

MASS MoCA on MAN: Five things. On the [Buchel] mess in the Berkshires.

Poll concluded, removed.

Hirshhorn on MAN: Anne Truitt retrospective (part two). The Hirshhorn acquires Martha Rosler’s The Gray Drape. The re-emergence of Doug Wheeler. The museum’s collection website.

Worcester Art Museum on MAN: Five things. The museum’s collection website.

Poll concluded, removed.

Frick Collection: The museum’s collection website.

Dia Beacon on MAN: The Dia Art Foundation and the promissory press release. Five things. The museum’s collection website.

Poll concluded, removed.

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  1. K. Stacy says:

    Worcester Art Museum, all the way!

  2. marcia lagerwey says:

    Unbeatable!!! Best studio classes in the country! Wonderful travel classes all over the world!

  3. W.Bohan says:

    Ugh. Why are we always rating things and making lists of “top 10″ etc.? Let’s be more creative than that.

  4. Bone Man says:

    If the Detroit Institute of the Arts isn’t considered I will personally donate a wing.

  5. John Dion says:

    The Worcester Art Museum has all the attributes of a larger museum, e.g., an important collection, AND it also has the attributes of a smaller museum, e.g., friendly staff and personal service. I am amazed by the breadth of programming offered by this museum: special exhibitions, lectures, art classes (lots of scholarships to ensure classes are accessible to all), parties, etc. Our family visits the museum at least twice a month, and the staff, including the director, knows us by name.

  6. Hirshhorn rocks! The current curators and director have transformed it into a truly innovative museum — precisely what our Nation’s Capitol needed. Art is about both new ways of seeing AND new ways of thinking. The Hirshhorn understands this with great exhibitions like their current Yves Klein show. A treat for the mind, the eye, and the spirit.

  7. Laurie Kalil says:

    I love the Worcester Art Museum for it atmosphere. Me and my children have been attending for years. When my youngest was in preschool we would take classes and then have lunch in their very nice cafe. We would browse through the exhibits and go into the hands on room. Then we would visit the gift shop where we would buy something that inspired us that day. The Worcester Art Museum always has some kind of event planned and we just love to go.

  8. SanWa says:

    WAM is the best. Exhibits are great. The space is great. Open access to the public for special events which are beyond great. I can’t say enough good things about the Worcester Art Museum and the people there!!!

  9. Judy says:

    The Worcester Art Museum has a great collection and staff and facilities that put larger places like the MFA to shame.

  10. Worcester Art Museum has a collection that goes back to early 1300. I love the galleries that allow me to feel and visit to the past. The special exhibitions are something not to miss. Also the educational department is second to none.
    And the lunches are a great relilef after visiting the many galleries. Great place to spend useful time.

  11. William Mees says:

    The Worcester Art Museum has one the friendliest staffs of any museum in the country. The director is positively delightful and accessible; I had lunch with him the other day; he is a wealth of knowledge. Where else can one get “up close” to some world class art? The European collection, particularly its 17th, 18th and 19th century works are some of the best anywhere; one can spend hours just looking at those in particular, and the American collection is one of the finest in New England. It’s a first class institution that is always busy with visitors and school children. Art comes alive there, and that is not hyperbole.

  12. All around wonderful museum—–exhibits, classes, foreign travel and lovely restaurant!

  13. Maggie Z says:

    The Worcester Art Museum has a great permanent collection, well-displayed, and brings in lots of fascinating temporary shows. Classes for kids and adults are numerous and varied, with great classroom studio facilities. Parking is easy and free, and the food is very classy. And the gift shop, though small in square feet, is superbly stocked and reasonably priced. What more can one ask? WAM provides a great service to the community!

  14. John Peters says:

    WAM is a significant treasure in our area (New England). Its special exhibits, community art education, special events, and quality and depth of holdings are a great source of pride for all of us in the area.

  15. Rose Laird says:

    The Worcester Art Museum is a gem in Central Massachusetts. I have been attending events, exhibits and concerts there all of my adult life. I have taken some classes and sent my daughter for classes when she was a child. I will be taking my grand daughters and will encourage them to take classes there as soon as they are old enough. I am always amazed when I meet someone from the area that has never been there! They are missing out on a wonderful, magical place.

  16. Judy Rynearson says:

    Love this museum. Very welcoming, very classy. Have enjoyed special exhibitions, docent tours, fabulous luncheons with friends, and just browsing by myself on a rainy day.

  17. Pamela Lainez says:

    The WAM has so much to offer. Great programs and exhibits. A wonderful adult and children art classes and great cafe and special events. It is a super asset to the Worcester community ant I highly recommend it.

  18. Joanie Betterley says:

    The education department at WAM is fantastic. Bill Griffiths is an amazing teacher – always positive and able to surprise you with new things that you can learn. I’ve been on two wonderful trips with Bill to Greece and Ireland. The entire staff at the education department is friendly, helpful and dedicated.

  19. Michael True says:

    Worcester Art Museum is a treasure and a rich resource to the whole community, through its marvelous studio courses, exhibits, programs, films, and particularly through the guidance of its director, James Welu. As someone involved in helping with exhibits related to my courses at Assumption College, I had the great pleasure of getting to know the collection and the staf. It is obviously one of the great resources and centers for life in Central Massachusetts. All my votes for WAM!!!

  20. Michael True says:


  21. Dr. Claire Cummings says:

    The WAM gets my vote every time! Best Collection and organization of collections. Fantastic education programs all over the world! Outstanding Professional Staff, best of all, Dr. Marcia Lagerwey and her creative programs are truly exceptional!
    Really, WAM is a unique jewel whose beauty is invaluable!

  22. Maryanne Daley says:

    I can’t say enough good things about the museum. As a teacher I have brought classes there for enrichment programs which they always loved. As a parent I have brought my children there to enjoy a leisurely afternoon including a wonderful lunch in the cafe.( free admission on Sat. mornings) I have also been a student enjoying drawing classes in a very professional setting while being encouraged by a wonderful instructor, Patti Kelly. It is one of the places I miss the most since moving out of the area.

  23. Hank Rose says:

    The comments from other voters pretty well cover the issue – WAM is just the best art museum, bar none! Yes, there are bigger museums with fabulous collections, financed with public funds – but the whole experience of going to WAM is, in my opinion, unbeatable – and it is all the work of dedicated donors, volunteers, and staff, working without any government money!

    Hank Rose

  24. Susan Slepetz says:

    WAM is the BEST!!

  25. Julia says:

    Definitely the Worcester Art Museum! I’ve been attending classes there, and I can definitely say that the staff, the galleries, and the library are all great.

  26. Hope DiDomenico says:

    The Docent Program that offers every school child in the area an opportunity to experience a visit to a museum with its outstanding collection of ancient and contemporary art is outstanding.

  27. Suzanne Boswell says:

    Worcester Art Museum is an absolutely superb treasure … REGARDLESS of museum or city size! The collection is top drawer and represents leadership that (since 1898) has been consisently forward-thinking. Entrance to the Renaissance Court is an experience in itself. Just look at the WAM course brochure to see the breadth and calibre of courses offered. Truly amazing! This museum and the staff had a significant impact on me when I was growing up in Worcester and I treasure those experiences. It’s part of the reason that I’m a docent today for the North Carolina Museum of Art!

  28. Kateri says:

    I hope it is still Sunday before 5 p.m. in the U.S. and my vote for the Toledo Museum of Art will still be accepted as I have just returned from safari in the Serengeti in Tanzania will no running water, electriciry and certainly no computer. TMA collection is amazingly incredible for the museum’s size and is welcomed by the entire community!!!

    Kateri W.

  29. Wolf, Dr. Merrill Kenneth says:

    The Worcester Art Museum is my “hometown” museum: it has an exceptionally fine collection for a small-town area such as Worcester and its environs: and I can get to it in 20 minutes. The nearest big city museum, Boston’s MFA, is a 3 times longer trip. As a bonus, the cafe is an excellent place to take your best guests for lunch, with tasty food and wine and a relaxed yet cultivated atmosphere.

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