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America’s Favorite Art Museum: Round Two, part one

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It’s time for the second round of MAN’s America’s Favorite Art Museum tournament! This is the first of four posts in which you can vote on the second round. Two will follow tomorrow, with one on Friday. Voting closes on Sunday at 5pm ET. I’ll post the results on Monday.

Readers are also encouraged to share links to their favorite collection works (or, for kunsthalles, links to shows) in the comments!

Round Two

The Wadsworth Atheneum on MAN: The pleasures of a John Marin watercolor; the Wadsworth acquires a super Courbet. The museum’s collection website.

The Clark Art Institute on MAN: Five things from my visit to the Clark last summer.  The museum’s collection website.

Poll concluded, removed.

The Art Institiute of Chicago on MAN: Finding the source of Hopper’s Nighthawks; AIC to launch Lewis Baltz show, acquire major work; AIC acquires a Paul Chan; Bruce Nauman’s hanging chairs; AIC curator James Rondeau and I discuss art and 9/11. The museum’s collection website.

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts on MAN: MIA acquires a Doug Aitken; MIA director is Association of Art Museum Directors’s new president. The museum’s collection website.

Poll concluded, removed.

The J. Paul Getty Museum on MAN: A letter regarding Paul Outerbridge; Art, war and memory: a Getty Manet;  the art historical roots of the Getty Center’s Martin Puryear. The museum’s collection website.

The Yale University Art Gallery on MAN: The sweet science in recent art: Henry Horenstein; The museum’s collection website.

Poll concluded, removed.

National Gallery of Art on MAN: Mark Rothko‘s black canvases in the light; Byron Kim’s Synecdoche; The mystery of the Venetian gentleman (part one, two, three, four). The museum’s collection website.

Guggenheim on MAN: Talking about a 1931 Picasso with Ed Schad (part one, two), Kandinsky at the Guggenheim (part one, two), Elizabeth Gorski’s awesome Guggenheim crossword. The museum’s collection website.

Poll concluded, removed.

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  1. images says:


    Great & interesting poll and can’t wait to see the results! For the most part, museums are well matched too. But one glaring anomaly: Yale U. Art Gallery vs. the Getty? This doesn’t seem very fair…that’s sort of like asking “which do you like better: my closet or my house?” The closet and the house might both be spectacular, but assessments would be based on totally different criteria. how are the pairings decided? Just curious.

  2. Gary Soucie says:

    You have overlooked an impressively curated museum, the Williams College Museum of Art. While by no means as splashy or as well known as the Clark or MOMA, I belive that WCMA is actually the most creative of the three. As Yogi nBerra used to say, “You could look it up.”

  3. Elizabeth Mach says:

    The Clark is the best!

  4. Katharine Peltz says:

    How terrific! Wish I could visit each one and then make a judgement. K

  5. al schiavetti says:

    Michael Conforti has transformed the Clark from a sleepy museum into a vibrant art center. The Clark has organized a staggering series of superb exhibitions ( The Clark Brothers exhibition was probably the greatest example ) and has added to its collection with thoughtful acquisitions and most recently has broadened its offerings with the addition of the Manton Collection. Add to that the contemplated second Ando building ( the Stone Hill Ando building is great ) and you have America’s best museum.

  6. John Worden says:

    Hey don’t forget the Nelson Atkins Museum of art and the Kansas City Art Institute, In Kansas City Missouri.

  7. Thank you for guiding this useful voting.

  8. What a pleasure to take an ART MUSEUM pole!! Lets face it, we need more art everywhere. The Museum links were very helpful.

  9. Diane MacFadyen says:

    The Picasso Degas show exhibit was one of the finest I have ever seen. It was hung and exhibited superbly. I learned more from this showing than from any other in any museum. It was like being in the greatest of Art History classes. It is a gem. Thank you Clark Art.

  10. Donald Krizek says:

    We visited the Clark Art Institute in October 2010 for only the second time and really enjoyed it. Of course living in the metropolitan Washington DC area, we are especialy fond of the National Gallery of Art.

  11. nbcummings says:

    The National Gallery of Art is remarkable for it sopenness to all comers.
    The Clark is special for its gem as a relatively small gallery and its superb location. Its docent course is excellent.
    Where are the Frick and MFA in your ratings?

  12. Terri Priest says:

    As an artist, I was particularly interested in the current exhibition at the Clark Jnstitute.
    I have been quoting images by Vermeer, including 20th century artists to create a new narrative. It
    was great to see the interaction of the Picasso to Degas.

    Much to learn and ponder.

  13. Mark Mellinger says:

    Hey! Where’s MassMoCA in N. Adams Massachusetts?

  14. tilda hunting says:

    I already have said my raves about The Clark, in the 1st round……and you did not quote me!
    So I need not repeat it all……and cannot (too tired…)
    But suffice to say, we LOVE The Clark……and think it the best little gem, AND a very fine
    Center for Art Restoration as well.

  15. Beat Wyss says:

    We cheer for Clark!!!

  16. pati watkins says:

    Hey, Where’s the great Detroit Institute of Arts? with the infamous Diego Riviera wall murals in the Great Court! GO DIA!

  17. Brenda Lilly says:

    I have been a fan of the Clark since I was a child. Now as an art teacher, I believe the Clark was a major influence in my career, I brought 65 fifth graders to see their Impressionists collection. They offered three highly skilled docents, offering endless patience with my students, and inside information on the artists, and their work. I would encourage people and educators to take full advantage of this gem of a museum!

  18. Ron Gallagher says:

    New England speak: The Clark & Mass MoCA are both wicked good!

  19. Having been to The Louvre in Paris, all the major galleries in London as well as others around the world, the Clark remains our favourite gallery. Not only it has a wonderful collection, the grounds in which the gallery stands are beautiful. We have visited the Clark for many years from Canada and still love to come back. It definitely has our vote.

    Margaret and Bernard Lawrence
    Ontario, Canada

  20. Gus Leibowitz says:

    I agree with the first comments. The Williams College Museum is a wonderful, creative place to see different exhibits.

  21. Lois Neumann says:

    The Clark is aonderful – current exhibits always very interesting, followed by a stroll through the galleries to visit old friends.

  22. Sylvia Baker says:

    The Clark is a Fantastic Museum that has a great collection
    we’re very lucky to have this Museum in the Massachusetts area
    I live in the Saratoga Springs, NY area and It’s just a short
    ride to get there…….

  23. Craig Kennedy says:

    I’m in love with the Wadsworth- have been since I was a little kid. Where else can you see a Caravaggio and Warhol practically back-to-back in surroundings that run from mid nineteenth century baronial to cutting edge international style? Not for nothing did Le Corbusier call Hartford “a spiritual center of America” after visiting the Wadsworth Atheneum.

  24. Bo Kirschen says:

    The Wadworth Athemeum is a fine institution but The Clark may well be the finest small museum in the U.S. With the excellent Williams Museum of Art just a mile or so away and Mass MOCA down the road the area is an art lover’s paradise.

  25. ivor parry says:

    I am lucky to live 30 minutes away from the high standards of art that the Ckark has in its galleries and visit them many times each year. also…a great collection of books on the arts. and the coffee and cookies are off the walls.

  26. steven taylorroth says:

    The Clark is an awesome museum with a great and eclectic collection.

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