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America’s Favorite Art Museum, Round Two, part four

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Continuing: The second round of MAN’s America’s Favorite Art Museum tournament! This is the fourth of four posts in which you can vote on the second round. Part one is here. Part two is here. Part three is here. Learn about the seedings here. Voting in the second round closes on Sunday at 5pm ET. I’ll post the results on Monday. (For voting updates and more, follow me on Twitter.)

Readers are also encouraged to share links to their favorite collection works (or, for kunsthalles, links to shows in the comments!

Round Two, continued.

The Sackler/Freer: The museum’s collection website.

MFA Boston: The museum’s collection website.

Poll concluded, removed.

Barnes Foundation on MAN: Seeing (the greatest?) Cezanne at the Barnes (part two, three). Spotlighting The Art of the Steal. The Barnes’, worst-in-America-if-not-the-world ‘collection website.’

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum: The museum’s collection website.

Poll concluded, removed.

MOCA on MAN: MOCA’s 30th-anniversary collection show and how it builds to Lewis Baltz. The New Industrial Parks near Irvine, California: Lewis Baltz’s opus (part two). The museum’s collection website.

Neue Galerie on MAN: Pechstein and Matisse. The story behind the Neue Galerie’s acquisition of Klimt’s Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer (in Fortune magazine). The museum’s collection website.

Poll concluded, removed.

Metropolitan Museum of Art on MAN: Morandi at the Met. Matisse’s Young Sailor times two. On the occasion of the exhibition of his post-Hurricane Katrina pictures at the Met, a Q&A with Robert Polidori. The museum’s (lousy) collection website.

Toledo Museum of Art on MAN: Toledo acquires a 1963 Wayne Thiebaud. Toledo acquires a sexy, sexy Paul Cadmus. Childe Hassam and two-point perspective. The museum’s collection website.

Poll concluded, removed.

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  1. David Graham says:

    No fair! Everybody knows and appreciates the Met, more should know what Toledo has. Scale is different, quality close.

  2. Wrongo says:

    The Toledo Museum of Art is not only a jewel of the Midwest, but a jewel amongst the art museums of the world.

  3. Letha Ferguson says:

    Although the Met is a fabulous collection, it is expensive. The Toledo Museum of Art is also fantastic, including the new glorious Glass Pavilion, and there is no admission charge. We are members to support our wonderful museum, but many patrons would not be able to afford the frequent visits if it weren’t for the generous endowment supporting free admission. This is why I feel the TMA wins out against the Met.

  4. Christina says:

    Oops, you forgot the link for the Toledo Museum of Art’s web page: http://www.toledomuseum.org/

  5. Christina says:

    And here’s the collection link: http://www.toledomuseum.org/collection

  6. Guisselle Mendoza says:

    TMA is the best! I love it. I love the collections and the staff! Please send link to your friends to vote.

  7. Teri says:

    The Toledo Museum of Art is a jewel in the artworld.One of the finest glass collections in the world housed in our fabulous Glass Pavilion designed by SANAA,arguably the best Rubens in the country The Crowning of St. Catherine, an amazing Asian art collection and so much more.

  8. Diane Rombes says:

    If one were visiting the Toledo Museum of Art from New York City (or anywhere in the world) they would go home with raves about our “Friday Nights”, our wonderful galleries, our magnificent Peristyle, our Glass Pavilion and our helpful staff.

  9. Dick Reynolds says:

    A great place for all to come because it is free and open to the public. Strong emphasis on engaging all communities of getting involved and being exposed to all the museum has to offer to engage our young people.

    Offers education classes, viewing a fabulous collection of art in all mediums including an outstanding glass collection.

  10. Rose Hampton says:

    The TMA is a jewel in Toledo. I am a docent at the museum and when people come from out of town even NY they are always excited after thy see our museum plus the Glass and least not the Parastyle which is second to none for entertainment. Sometimes it it not the size but the quality and I am very proud to be a docent at this fablous museum. If you are in the area stop by and see what this gem has to offer. Rose

  11. Letha,
    Although it’s not always made apparent, especially to the tourists, the Met’s admission of $20 is a recommended price. You can pay as or as little as you wish, everyday, without reproach.

  12. Toni says:

    The Toledo Museum of Art is fantastic, and I have enjoyed it’s collections as well as any I have ever seen. TMA may be smaller, but it is just as awesome as the MMA.

  13. Claudia Sundberg says:

    I love the TMA, there is somethinggoing on all the tim! I volunteer in the Family Center, I enjoy the concerets held in thier Peristyle, “It’s Friday” is always fun and interesting. I am a Toledo Museum of Art Ambassador and enjoy all aspects of what the TMA has to offer. August we are having our GlasFest—a great time held on the lawn of our beautiful Glas Pavilion.

  14. Brett Taylor says:

    The TMA is one of the finest Art Museums in the USA. It is a top 10, i was shocked at the low ranking. i have traveled all over, and i still will put the TMA against any of the others i have been to.

  15. Catherine Scannell says:

    What a difficult decision with 2 extraordinary choices –having been a member of each-(well, an out of town, associate member of The Met), I have experienced the grandeur of both, and will say that TMA, while not as large, has a world-class collection that is second to none. TMA has a tremendous outreach program for the community that pulls people of all demographics back again and again to visit and interact. It is truly the jewel of our region. We are proud to compare it to a museum as outstanding as MMA, and vote for the hometown team. Go Toledo!

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