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America’s Favorite Art Museum: Round One, part two

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Voting continues in MAN’s America’s Favorite Art Museum tournament! Here’s what we’re doing, and here’s where you can vote for the first quarter of the first round. (As of this typing, the closest matchups are between the Phillips and the Gardner, MOCA and the Morgan and the Albright-Knox and the Neue Galerie.) Below is the second quarter of the first round. Voting for the first round concludes Sunday evening at 5pm, ET.

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  1. Sarah Brannan says:

    The Baltimore Museum of Art of course!

  2. Philip Morgan says:

    WAM could be the best museum of its’ size in the country.

  3. Rita says:

    The Worcester Art Museum will surprise you.

  4. Janet Bessette says:

    WAM is the finest Art Museum of it’s size in the country

  5. Dr. Claire Cummings says:

    WAM is definitively the best Art Museum for its size in the USA!
    Hands down it wins for its collections, its programs and most of all its fabulous staff!!!!! The intimacy you can get with the art is unique to Worcester Art Museum and is most precious.

  6. I am voting for the Worcester Art Museum because of the integrity of its exhibits, its wonderful staff, and its caring programs for people of all ages and ethnic backrounds.

  7. Phyllis Pollack says:

    WAM has a magnificent collection (“50 Centuries of Art”), great classes and wonderful special events.

  8. Paul Schiff says:

    WAM is probably the best art museum of it’s size in the country.

    I have visited many museums in this country and Europe to make

    this type of comparative evaluation.

  9. Susan Durham says:

    The Worcester Art Museum is a jewel of a museum!

  10. Worcester Art Museum is one of the finest museums of it’s size within the United States.
    They have a great educational system and many beautiful galleries. They have paintings that go back to the 1400’s. Their collection is the best.
    They hold many functions as well as special exhibitions. Parking is the best and privisions have been made to accommodate the handicap with elevator access for everyone.
    W. J. Scaglione.

  11. Wendy Innis says:

    The Worcester Art Museum is a gem. It is such a quality small Art Museum with outstanding special exhibits and Art for all ages and interests.

  12. J. Landrie says:

    WAM was the first musuem in our country to recognise and collect photogrphy!

  13. Haru says:

    Worcester Art Museum is Awsome, especially, the Education Department is the Best.

  14. Susan Bernard says:

    For those who might wonder, MCASD = Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. It’s a great museum – two locations, in La Jolla (since 1941) and in downtown San Diego (since 2007). Huge range of work, from modern to contemporary … from Ellsworth Kelly to the current kick-ass show of street art, “Viva La Revolucion: Dialogues with the Urban Landscape.” They’ve got my vote over Dia Beacon which, although wonderful, is much more static.

  15. Cheryl says:

    The Worcester Art Museum is a great small museum. It’s easy to get to and their Flora in Winter exhibit is a really great way to see the museum pieces in a new and exciting way. My daughter even had her wedding at the museum & the pictures were amazing. What a fun place!

  16. Arlene Carlson says:

    WAM is the best!!!!!!!! Wonderful, Exciting, Educational

  17. Laurie Kalil says:

    Worcester Art Museum is the best museum I have ever visited. Their educational programs are No.1 and my children and I have frequently visited and attended classes. Every visit is unique and the staff is the best around. If you haven’t visited the museum it is a must see and there is always something going on.
    Visit their great website for information. – very satisfied customer

  18. Lorelle Tross says:

    The Worcester Art Museum is the finest Art Museum of it’s size in the country

  19. As I travelled throughout the U.S. and abroad visiting wonderful museums, the more I have come to appreciate
    what a jewel of a museum the Worcester Art Museum is.

  20. John Peters says:

    Worcester Art Museum is a large and shiny gem in a relatively small community. Collections, exhibitions, education programs, community events host, etc make it a very special place.

  21. Michael True says:

    Worcester Art Museum is a prize, central to the community, a great resource in education, with talented teachers and a marvelous collection. Hooray for WAM!

  22. B. Bailey says:

    The Worcester Art Museum gets my vote. There’s something to please everyone’s taste there.

  23. M. Richman says:

    Indeed, the Worcester Art Museum is one of the finest Museum’s in the US and around the world. 50-centuries of art that won’t disappoint and a lender for so many notable exhibitions.

    Worth your vote and a visit for sure!

  24. Looks like the Worchester Art Museum is campaigning hard for votes.

  25. tex1sam says:

    Voted for Hirschhorn because Chinati is run by a bunch of surely germans that are a blight on West Texas.

  26. K. Stacy says:

    By far, the Worcester Art Museum. No comparison. Always something new and exciting there!

  27. H. Hess says:

    I wish I could vote more than once! Ancient to contemporary; the largest collection of Roman mosaics in the Americas; pictures that are the monuments of American Art; Judith Leyster;it goes on and on…PLUS an education program that is creativity personified; Third Thursdays that conjure up fun incarnate; and the soon-to-be-home of Natinoal Art All Stars!! What could be better/

  28. greg.org says:

    Wow, if the contest were rating museums on the responsiveness of their email get-out-the-vote-and-commenter campaigns, the Worcester Art Museum would have already won.

  29. Jen Roy says:

    I am voting for the Worcester Art Museum. As a corporate sponsors, our company has worked with WAM to help provide wonderful programs like Family Day and Flora in Winter. We are pleased to have such a fine establishment to support!

  30. martha nolte kennedy says:

    Chinati is the closest thing to a classical ruin in the United States. You cannot imagine what it is like until you have been there. For a mind altering trip, make a pilgrimage to Marfa!

  31. BJ Hill says:

    For a community its size, the Worcester Art Museum has some great artists. Monet, Picasso, Van Gogh….

  32. LEO FRIED says:


  33. R Silva says:

    Worcester Art Museum is a true treasure; small enough so that it very accessible, but still very comprehensive. And the special programs are wonderful. One favorite is Flora in Winter, where local floral groups do floral displays inspired by various works of art in the museum. Another of our favorites are the special lectures given by the museum Director and other members of the museum staff.

  34. Inge E. Herrli says:

    Aldrich Museum in Ridgefield is a treasure

  35. Lee Majercik says:

    I became a member of the Worcester Art Museum quite a few years ago. It’s a place I return to again and again to refresh my spirit. It’s a jewel of a museum with a wonderful collection with exhibits of everything from ancient to contemporary. The Chapter House within the museum is one of my favorite environments.

  36. Hank Rose says:

    I’ve been privileged to take a number of visiting dignitaries, including art lovers from other countries, through the Worcester Art Museum. Every one of them has been stunned and amazed at the great things they found there.

  37. Scott Nelson says:

    The Worcester Art Museum is a real gem. Wonderful people, a beautiful building and exceptional art to view. I give this museum an A+.

  38. Lenore Buford says:

    As a black citizen of Cleveland I can’t begin to describe what the Cleveland Art Museum has meant and does mean to me. I have been visiting the museum since my high school years in the ’40’s. I was fortunate enough to spend two years visiting museums in Europe, mainly Paris. Looked everywhere for Picasso’s “La Vie”. Frustrated not to find it in France. Showing our museum to an artist from Canada, imagine my state when on entering a main gallery the first painting I saw was Picasso’s “La Vie”.

  39. Patti Kelly Bernhard says:

    The first time I walked into the Worcester Art Museum I was completely in awe of their collection and the welcoming I received when I stepped into the galleries. WAM is truly one of the best museums in the world!

  40. Robert says:

    Mass MoCA is horribly overrated. Picasso’s “Man with a Pipe” alone makes the Kimbell a more worthy destination.

  41. Mary says:

    Worcester Art Museum-First Class all the way! Alone, this museum should put “Wistah” and Massachusetts on any cultural map as a priority destination.

  42. Tricia says:

    The BMA without a doubt!

  43. Peter Scott says:

    Worcester Art Museum is absolutely amazing. I was shocked the number of famous artist and the depth of their collection. I have seen some incredible shows come through this museum too. WAM, you really shocked me.

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