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America’s Favorite Art Museum, Round one, part four

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Voting continues in MAN’s America’s Favorite Art Museum tournament! Here’s what we’re doing, and here’s where you can vote for the first quarter of the first round, for the second quarter of the first round and for the third quarter of the first round. (For voting/match-up updates,  follow me on Twitter!) Below is the third quarter of the first round. Voting for the first round concludes Sunday evening at 5pm, ET. First-round results will post on Monday afternoon.

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  1. Trevor says:

    I bet I can guess the final two.

  2. I’d suggest clarifying “Harvard Art Museum” and whether it’s a reference to the Fogg, Busch-Reisinger, or Sackler — each has a distinct personality.

  3. Twila OConnell says:

    My favorite museum is not on the list. I LOVE the Gardner Museum in Boston.

  4. […] is holding an online tournament to determine America’s favorite art museum, and the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth is in the […]

  5. trumpet says:

    The Menil Collection and the Modern FW: two amazing, underrated Texas museums.

  6. Samuel A. Melnik, Jr. says:

    The Clark is a treasure for those of us who live in Western Massachusetts!

  7. Paige Dansinger says:

    I love The Minneapolis Institute of Arts!! It is the most amazing museum & collection!! It is FREE and has free parking!! The director Kaywin Feldman and her staff are truly the most innovative, progressive & wonderful people!! It is a pleasure to return again & again!!!

  8. Frank Gamari says:

    Great art collection,great programs,and great community involvement including MASMOCA

  9. Thomas L. Yancey says:

    The CLARK is one of the most distinguished & dazzling museums in the entire country!!

  10. Brian says:

    Fort Worth is the undiscovered gem, the Amon Carter and the Modern are both special.

  11. j says:

    The Modern FW!

  12. Diane MacFadyen says:

    The Picasso Degas exhibit this summer is the very best exhibit I have ever seen in any Museum I have ever been in. I learned so much in a matter of a few hours. It was a beautiful teaching technique that they used by its story line and the way the paintings were hung and grouped. Hats off to the Clark.

  13. Diane MacFadyen says:

    The Picasso Degas exhibit this summer is one of the finest exhibits I have ever seen in any museum. I learned so much in 2 hours due to their detailed story line and in the manner in which they hung and exhited the paintings. Hurray for the Clark!

  14. joyce says:

    The Walters Art Museum should be among the list!

  15. tilda hunting says:

    The Sterling-Clark Museum in Williamstown is absolutely THE loveliest fine museum in
    New England – and I think anywhere……..though it is smallish, it’s a gem.
    There are many great museums in the USA……..but the Clark has had superb special shows…..
    and now with its renovated fine Preservation Center, + its newly-built addition, the Clark
    sits squarely atop the pantheon of our coolest museum-places.
    It also is revered for its preservation facilities, and know-how amongst its peers.
    And its locale, its geographic beauty, can only win us over further!

  16. Mary says:

    OK. I am so passionate about the utter supremacy of the Nelson-Atkins that I wrote a blog post in April as testimony to its profound meaning for generations of my family since it opened its doors:

    A Museum of One’s Own: Love Letter to the Nelson

    Can this count as like a million votes???


  17. Gilda Frantz says:

    I looked for the Hammer Museum in Westwood, California. Couldn’t find it to vote for.. I was there recently to see the exhibit of Jung’s Red Book and it was a thrilling place to be. What a beautiful museum.

  18. We consider Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth the finest
    Art Museum in the southwest.

  19. Louise R. Brown says:

    Please consider adding a category which includes the DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in Lincoln, MA. On 35 acres, the Sculpture Park highlights many works by the major sculptors making art today and in the past approximately 40 years, i.e. Sol LeWitt, Chakaia Booker, Ursula von Rydingsvard, Nam June Paik, Mark di Suvero, and others. The Museum presents several exhibitions during the year focusing on current works in painting, sculpture, video, and other media using a vast variety of innovative materials. I cited the Clark for a vote because of the fascinating educational way in which they present their exhibits, i.e. the Picasso and Degas show which reflects the influence of the latter on the former. Other museums you might think about are: the Currier Gallery in Manchester, NH, the New Britain Museum of American Art in CT, the Peabody-Essex Museum in Salem, MA, MassMoCa in North Adams, MA and some of the college museums, Davis at Wellesley, Museum at Smith College and Rose at Brandeis, Univ., Waltham, MA.

  20. David L. Thomas says:

    A major art museum in a non-major location

  21. Robert says:

    I go to Williams College so I can write with some authority about the Clark. Mostly, it is a collection of 19th century French and American painting. It has the best Winslow Homer collection I’ve ever seen. Its coverage of the French 19th century is comprehensive through Impressionism, but Sterling Clark did not like post-Impressionism, never mind Cubism. This is quite disappointing, since his brother Stephen was president of MoMA (he has the distinction of having fired Alfred Barr) and owned the Met’s version of Cezanne’s “Cardplayers” and Yale’s great Van Gogh, the “Night Cafe.” What Sterling liked was Renoir. That said, they have some great shows: I’m very excited to see the Degas-Picasso show.

  22. Joan Chandler says:

    I love The Clark – the exhibitions are fabulous. They are so inventive and quite interesting! I keep going back and never tire of looking ast my old favorites.

  23. Amy says:

    Thanks Joyce for mentioning The Walters Art Museum. We love our museum and think we’d have done well in the tournament. Maybe we can be in a future one! Thanks again, Amy

  24. What i find difficult is to find a blog that can capture me for a minute but your blog is different. Bravo.

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