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Tuesday links

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  • One of my favorite blogs, Andrew Russeth’s 16 Miles of String, has moved to Artinfo! The first post is up now. Don’t miss it.
  • This Robin Pogrebin NYT story on the false populism of the Brooklyn Museum is devastating. (Also, the photo with the story? Vaguely Struthian, no?)
  • Greg Allen has a favorite Richter squeegee painting — again.
  • Why are recent graduates of Washington University in St. Louis creating over 225 pairs of hands?
  • Paul Schmelzer examines paintings on dollar bills.
  • Ed Ruscha to David Hockney: Take this?
  • I love it when museums use their blogs to talk about their collections. Here’s LACMA’s Unframed sharing a story about LACMA’s great Lari Pittman painting and MoMA’s Eva Respini on Nan Goldin’s The Ballad of Sexual Dependency.
  • Finally, with the blogroll now over there on the right, I’m keeping an eye out for smart, new-to-me blogs. Tip me off in the comments!
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  1. Is anyone saying how much that Richter painting is expected to go for at Sotheby’s…?

  2. you are always welcome to take a peek at my blog*…hydeordie.com.

    they say the richter is going for 1.8-2.5 GBP.

    *having an egocentric moment. Please forgive me.

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