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Ideas for the new MAN?

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One of the pluses about moving MAN to Artinfo is that we’ll be able to do some new, different things. For example: Soon I’ll be hosting live chats/Q&As. We’ll do another you-vote-on-it ‘tournament’ in July. (Any suggestions?) I’d also like to hear your ideas on what we could try here, from tech gizmos of which I’m likely unaware to who-knows-what. (Please use the comments!) If we use your suggestion, I promise a prize…

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  1. Sally Block says:

    Monthy podcasts a la the “This American Life” series?

  2. arusseth says:

    Soothing and thrilling podcasts!

  3. I so thoroughly enjoyed the last tourney —- I’m thrilled this will become a regular feature on MAN. (I was pulling for Cecily Brown but was very happy that Cy Twombly prevailed.)

    I’d LOVE to see the next tourney focus on contemporary sculptors. Maybe some of these aren’t well-known enough to be seeded, but I personally adore: Cathy de Monchaux, Patricia Piccinini, Jan Fabre and Berlinde de Bruyckere. More iconic sculptors I’d love to see face off against each other: Kiki Smith, Christian Boltanski, Louise Bourgeois and Mona Hatoum.

    MAN has become my daily required reading. Keep up the great work!

  4. Gerald says:

    You should do a weekly poll, like for example: should the Getty combine the positions of trust president with museum director? Should the Barnes move to Philly or stick it out in Lower Marion? You’ll learn a lot about your readers and welllearn a lot about the art world.

  5. cjceglio says:

    My suggestion is a modest one concerning site logistics. I would dearly love it if each outside link that you reference would open in a new window rather than take the reader away from the MAN site. In the case of images, this would make it easier to consult your observations while also regarding the image. It would also give readers the ability to more easily compare multiple images (with your text still in sight). Your recent post on “Muybridge’s cloud(s)” is an excellent case in point where the ability to compare multiple views simultaneously rather than serially would be a benefit to the reader. Sure, readers can open multiple windows and copy the links themselves to accomplish this but an effective user interface would eliminate the extra work.

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