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(Belatedly) hail museum libraries

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I’ve been doing MAN for eight-and-a-half years. I’ve done over 4,000 posts. Somehow, until now, I’ve never done one on art museum libraries. This is too bad: Dozens — probably hundreds — of the posts you’ve read here have been made possible by the library at the National Gallery of Art. Librarians at the Hirshhorn have also been generous with their time and collection.

In virtually every city (every city except New York, probably) they are a city’s best, most available resource for books about art. The library at your local art museum is likely open to you.

So this morning I want to spotlight two bits about libraries: First: It’s fantastic to see the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts’ library receive a place of prominence in VMFA’s new building. It makes the library more accessible, available and open.  (Another museum with a library off its otherwise-regrettable atrium? Another Mellon-supported museum: the National Gallery of Art.)

Also, I loved a post on the Metropolitan Museum’s semi-blog titled, “A Day in the Life of an Art Librarian.” Penned by Met staffer Lisa Harms, it’s also spotlights some holy-cats-that’s-zorpy-cool technology coming soon to the Met’s Watson Library. I can’t wait to use it.

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  1. Monsieur says:

    In our city Smithsonian American Art/Portrait Gallery library is totally open to the public. NGA requires appointments/research focus, as does the Phillips Collection. Though, I have seen a number of educators/curators/gallerists slumming it in the public library stacks. Just sayin’.

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