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Welcome to MAN on Artinfo! Just a couple notes as we get started here…

Artinfo is at the beginning of its blog-platform build-out. Within a week or two MAN will look much more like you’re accustomed to it looking: We’ll have full-post publishing, embedded images, a blogroll, searchable archives, MAN’s archive and so on. We know that the images in the posts below are publishing twice. (And yes, I’ll migrate over last week’s posts — including William Powhida’s awesome drawing — as soon as the build-out is complete.) Please bear with us as we get there. Consider this the early beta version of MAN on Artinfo. It’s as new to us as it is to you!

In a related story, I typically tweet about new posts. I’d be delighted if you’d follow me on Twitter or on Facebook. MAN’s RSS feed is here.

Also, MAN now has moderated comments. (Psst, no one tell Donald Frazell…) At the moment we’re not requiring people to log in with internet-standard IDs such as Facebook or Twitter accounts, but if the comments become a mess…

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  1. GF Wahlquist says:

    Finally, someone mentions Donald Frazell in a blog post. Who the hell IS that guy?!

  2. eageageag says:

    You don’t want to know GF, you don’t want to know.

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