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  • Great tidbit from the Art Institute of Chicago: Over the last ~ 10 months, the AIC has experienced an increase of 500,000 visitors over the previous ~10 months. Take a look at data adjusted to ‘throw out’ the opening of the museum’s Renzo Piano-designed Modern Wing: From July, 2008 through the end of April, 2009 the AIC clocked about one million visitors. Then the Modern Wing opened May 16. Between July and the end of April 2010, 1.5 million people visited. ‘Tis a bit of a mystery. (UPDATE: A couple of readers have emailed in to ask if this is a shot at the AIC. No, absolutely not. Increased attendance, especially by 50% = awesome.)
  • On Tuesday, Christopher Knight suggested some art that might adorn LACMA’s BP-sponsored entrance. Heart as Arena has more oily ideas.
  • Embarrassingly unbeknownst to me, the Art Gallery of Ontario has been hosting a Wangechi Mutu show for the last three months. Check out this podcast of a panel discussion on her work.
  • The Minneapolis Institute of Arts offers free admission via Twitter.
  • Jonathan Jones has a nice post on exactly how devastating the Paris art theft is.
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  1. Erin Hogan says:

    Regarding the first note here: the reason May wasn’t included in the numbers I gave Tyler yesterday is that we don’t have May 2010 numbers yet because the month isn’t over. For the Modern Wing opening week last year, the Art Institute had 137,000 people. No attempt to obfuscate here–just giving the numbers last year to date to the numbers this year to date.

    Erin Hogan

    Director of Public Affairs

    Art Institute of Chicago

  2. Tyler Green - Modern Art Notes says:

    Right, didn’t mean to imply that. Just meant that the increase is *more* impressive because that (presumably massive) month was excluded.

  3. wpgf says:

    on museums in general: there’s a new model for museum pricing developed by two swiss economists at the university of z├╝rich. the article could be read here:


    i am wondering if it could really be implemented.


    * http://wpgf.wordpress.com/

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