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AT&T’s borrowing of theft from appropriation of Christo-and-Jeanne-Claude-like imagery for a recent commercial has been getting plenty of attention of late, but that’s not the only TV spot that seems torn from recent art. Check out this ad from IBM, which is what a Julie Mehretu would look like were it animated.

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  1. Scott Indrisek says:

    That’s incredibly flagrant. I wonder if they approached Mehretu first to see if they could ‘license’ her aesthetic before they stole it? The same way Apple hit up Christian Marclay for his ‘Telephones’ video before going ahead and ripping it off anyway?

  2. Herb Levy says:

    Or Christian Marclay’s Telephone montage copied for an iPhone ad.


  3. anon says:

    This Honda ad.

    Ripping of Fischli and Weiss’ ‘The Way Things Go’

    …while also throwing in a Calder for good measure.


    Makes me think a little about Murakami and the use of art as a means to branding, selling, marketing. Or in his case, branding, selling, and marketing as a means to art.

  4. joy says:

    It’s really silly to point the finger at iPhone re: Marclay. Don’t you realize how Marclay makes his stuff, or what ‘montage’ means?

  5. A Doln says:

    Baudrillard talked quite extensively about this some 25 years ago.

    Vonage did their own little appropriation, of a Felix Gonzales Torres piece.

    I cant seem to find it but it is mentioned here.


  6. D.H. says:

    Meanwhile appropriation artists continue to borrow from corporations and other artists with abandon, seldom getting called out for it. Is it fair for artists but not corporations, and if so, why?

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