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In which the museum staff is turned into actors

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Last month potential donors to Hirshhorn director Richard Koshalek’s plan to build a bulbous membrane at the museum were scheduled to visit. MAN has an acquired an email that was sent from Koshalek’s office to Hirshhorn staff on April 12. Consider it an amusing look at the ‘Enron-esque reality’ a museum director asks his staff to create when he really, really wants to build something.

Dear Hirshhorn Staff,

Today around 3:00 we are expecting two very high level guests who are coming to meet with Richard about possible funding for the Seasonal Inflatable Pavilion (Bubble).  Richard is asking that any staff who can spare the time between 2:45 and 3:30 to please help make the lobby look busy by sitting at the tables, going up and down the escalators, enter and exit the Museum, visiting the bookstore, etc.

We appreciate all the help!

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