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Collection installation spotlight: MAMFW

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FultonRockFallEchoDustMAMFW.jpgOne of my favorite places to wander through the collection galleries is the Modern Art Museum Fort Worth. Tadao Ando’s galleries are divine, MAMFW’s collection is good, and the art is always thoughtfully — even cleverly — installed.

I was particularly fond of a juxtaposition installed by MAMFW chief curator Michael Auping: As you walk through MAMFW’s ground-floor galleries, the ‘final’ collection space features this Hamish Fulton, Rock Fall Echo Dust (1988, at left), on the far wall. The small, barely visible-in-this-JPEG text at the bottom reads: “A TWELVE AND A HALF DAY WALK ON BAFFIN ISLAND ARCTIC CANADA SUMMER 1988.”

Fulton’s work is typically ‘based on’ walks he has taken through somewhere outdoorsy-fabulous and is then recorded on gallery walls in some eye-catching way. On his website, Fulton describes himself as a “walking artist.” In one Flash-animated section of his website, Fulton presents his modus operandi this way:

Only art resulting from the experience
of individual walks
a walk has a life of its own
and does not need to be
materialised into an art work
an artwork may be purchased
but a walk cannot be sold

To reach the Fulton, a visitor may literally walk across this sculpture, Carl Andre’s Slit (1981). Here’s another view of the installation (the passageway through which the majority of visitors enter the gallery is barely visible in the upper right).

Related: Despite the above, Fulton’s site has a “works for sale” section.

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