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  • In the Toronto-based Globe and Mail, James Adams reports today is everything for Richard Serra’s early, landmark earthwork Shift.
    Number of American publications that have written about Shift (other
    than MAN): Zero? Could that be right? Zoicks. (Another sign of the decline of art
    journalism.) Shift is one of the most important sculptures of the post-war era. Imagine the attention it would be receiving if it was Dia making a hollow announcement, eh?
  • Now even overseas publications are writing in suspicion of the New Museum’s planned fluff-job exhibition. The UK-based Financial Times examines a range of questionable relationships between money and museums and ends with this: “As a museum director once said to me,” writer Georgina Adam says. “‘I always told my board when they were considering an issue, ‘ask yourself what it would look like on the front page of the New York Times.'” Well, you’d have to think that the NuMu board has to be getting tired of being called out. Critics who have questioned the NuMu’s ethics: Richard Lacayo, Martha Schwendener, Ken Johnson, James Wagner, William Powhida/Brooklyn Rail, Hrag Vartanian, Lisa Phillips circa 1989, Jerry Saltz. Critics giving the NuMu a pass: Only Jerry Saltz. (And his upon-further-consideration support for the NuMu came in a blog post that required four corrections, could have used one or two more, and that was substantially about another writer.) UPDATE: A reader reminds me that Regina Hackett also gave the NuMu a pass.
  • Speaking of Lacayo, I’ll miss his Time-based blog.
  • In the LAT, Kate Linthicum profiles Marilyn Minter.
  • It’s Art Basel Miami Beach week. Posting will be very, very light. Unless news happens (see bullet-point No. 1), MAN will be quiet.
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