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Friday news and notes

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  • Time magazine’s Richard Lacayo is the latest to wonder: What was the New Museum thinking? Lacayo also writes the single best NuMu line of the week: “[A]re shows at the New Museum essential exhibitions, or just the last word in product placement?”
  • Contrary to what you may have read elsewhere, I agree with Lacayo, who argues against an “absolutist position” on these shows. Example: Shortly after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, Miami-based collectors Dennis and Debra Scholl sent part of their collection to Tulane’s museum. At the time the New Orleans Museum of Art’s collection was in storage and it was the only art in the city. That was a honorable single-collector show. Also, very small museums with limited or no curatorial staffs often have few other options. The NuMu, the Met and the National Gallery of Art have plenty of other options.
  • Via @16miles, a spectacularly striking 1989 Whitney Biennial catalogue essay signed by Lisa Phillips, Richard Armstrong and Richard Marshall (two of the three of which have been in the news this week, of course): “We have moved into a situation where wealth is the only agreed upon arbiter of value. Capitalism has overtaken contemporary art, quantifying it and reducing it to the status of a commodity. Ours is a system adrift in mortgaged goods and obsessed with accumulation, where the spectacle of art consumption has been played out in a public forum geared to journalistic hyperbole.” The essay later cautioned against “the spurious authority of a collectors’ consensus.” (All quotes taken from True Colors, by Anthony Haden-Guest.)
  • The Whitney has (finally) launched a new website, complete with a flashy icon, a sometimes-black background and expanded collection-related resources. Web designer Perry Garvin breaks it down.
  • MoMA’s got a new blog. 
  • I tweeted this yesterday — and remember, there are fewer links posts on MAN because I tweet most links as soon as I find them — but don’t miss Mike Boehm’s LAT story on MOCA’s 30th anniversary. You won’t believe it. Just. Won’t.
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