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Five things from MASS MoCA

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1.) MASS MoCA’s Sol LeWitt drawings retrospective could not be better. Really: I can’t think of anything the museum could have done differently that would have improved the presentation. It’s perfect. Ideal. Riveting. It’s on view through 2033.

2.) Speaking of ambition — and the LeWitt presentation is ambitious institutionally, artistically and every way else I can think of — how about Anselm Kiefer? I don’t think ambitious artists are  valued at the moment, let alone encouraged, but none of that has slowed down the 64-year-old Kiefer. The Kiefer mini-show at MASS MoCA is modest, but the work is big. As I looked at the ginormous concrete sculpture at the heart of the show I couldn’t stop thinking about us in Iraq, us in Afghanistan, chaos in Iran… where is next…

3.) Simon Starling loves/needs him some wall text.

4.) The LeWitt show should start us all thinking about what other artists deserve that kind of long-term installation. Fred Sandback? Robert Irwin? Doug Wheeler? Agnes Martin?

5.) I can’t get enough of the LeWitt time-lapse videos.

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