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Archive for March, 2009

Tuesday links

Robert Frank speaks, part two

Robert Frank speaks

'Collecting atrocities'

Renaissance Venice via the internets

Hirshhorn forced to close galleries due to security shortage

Weekend roundup

Quiet Friday

Corcoran: We've cut staff

Then were the PMA visitors glad, when they saw the gore

An echo in Philadelphia

Big claim!

New EMP director was Mapplethorpe-closer

Franz West arrives at LACMA

Acquisition: Frederick Hammersley at the Albright-Knox

Tuesday links, Jerry Saltz edition

Acquisition: Omer Fast at the Cleveland Museum of Art

Weekend roundup

The Abu Ghraib JPEGs, museums and national responsibility, part two

The Abu Ghraib JPEGs, museums and national responsibility

Thursday links

Q&A with 2009 Mellon Lecturer TJ Clark, part two

Q&A with 2009 NGA Mellon Lecturer TJ Clark

Important Rose news summary

'Joan Miro, 1927-1937' at MoMA, part three