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Robert Irwin Tuesday: Chinati Foundation

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IrwinChinati2007.jpgFor a couple years now I’ve been talking about the possibility that there will be a permanent Robert Irwin installation at the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, Texas. Now it’s confirmed: Chinati is moving forward on a permanent Irwin installation.

Chinati is presently working with an architectural firm and with Irwin on planning and drawing. Fundraising is ongoing, and the foundation expects to begin construction in 2010.

Irwin’s design for Chinati has been the most open secret imaginable: Different stages of Irwin’s 2002-2007 designs for the project were on exhibit in MCASD’s terrific Irwin show. (Most of those drawings are promised gifts to the museum by way of collector LJ Cella. The piece shown here is Irwin’s, and was also included in the exhibition.)

The Irwin work would be sited across the street from the entrance to Chinati, in the rectangular building at the center-left of this Google satellite image. During the Fort D.A. Russell days, the building was the Army outpost’s hospital. As you can sort-of see in the satellite image, the structure is a concrete shell with a central pavilion.

Irwin’s design (click on the image for a larger version) includes a series of scrims that affect light as it enters the windows that run the length of the perimeter of the building. The way in which the light is mediated by Irwin is revealed in the tops and bottom of the drawing. Can’t wait.

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