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Archive for April, 2008

Art and memory: Moore's Warrior with Shield

Art and memory: Manet's Rue Mosnier with Flags

Art and memory: Goya's Duel with Clubs

'Mission accomplished,' art history-style

Tuesday links, Pittsburgh edition

Q&A with Carnegie Int’l curator Douglas Fogle, part two

Q&A with Carnegie Int’l curator Douglas Fogle

Q&A: AIC curator Lisa Dorin, part two

Q&A: AIC curator Lisa Dorin

Weekend roundup

Five things I think I think

Thursday links

Three Philly Eakinses –> Denver

Juan Sanchez Cotan, continued

Juan Sanchez Cotan goes nationwide

Art in schools, good news edition

Considering the museum blog, part two


Building the blogroll: Great Lakes

Considering the museum blog

Weekend roundup

MFA Boopston

A common museum rubric and its problems

Thursday links

Two must-reads from the NYT