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Archive for January, 2008

Spiral Jetty update: Comment period extended

Updating the blogroll: Boston, New England

Serra's Shift: Another iconic earthwork endangered?

Acquisition: Joe Goode at the Menil

Spiral Jetty threatened by energy development

Wednesday links

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Is our children stitching: Solutions

Is our children stitching, and other museum issues

Weekend roundup

Museum attendance by federal agents up dramatically

Cringe-worthy quote in the Globe

Olafur Eliasson meets… Vija Celmins

Wednesday news and notes

Olafur Eliasson meets… Richard Serra

Olafur Eliasson meets… Pieter de Hooch

Tuesday links

Olafur Eliasson meets… art history

Viveros-Faune is out at the Voice

Journalists respond to Viveros-Faune

Viveros-Faune and the Village Voice's ethics problem

Q&A with VV art critic Christian Viveros-Faune, part III

Top tens going wayyyy back

What do you do with Olafur's freezer?