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  • UPDATE: I almost forgot the best item of the week! From a Sports Illustrated profile of Paul Allen, the ex-MSFTer who owns the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers and the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks: “The team recently held a practice on the full-size NBA court at Allen’s estate on Mercer Island. (According to one Blazers employee, the court is ringed with Monets and Renoirs encased in protective glass, lest a multimillion-dollar masterpiece get dinged by an errant pass.) Allen, however, was away on his yacht at the time.”
  • Painting rocks California, says Christopher Knight in an essay about the state of the medium. He also lists 45 under 45 to watch.
  • LATer Christopher Hawthorne finds NYC’s New Museum to be, well, fuzzy.
  • Gaston Lachaise is at the Nasher, and Charissa Terranova has a great lede in her Dallas Morning News story about the show.
  • At times Roberta Smith’s NuMu review lost me. First Smith says that the show is essentially awful: “visually messy, way too hip and a tad monotonous.” But: “the show is a gauntlet thrown down to other NY museums regarding contemporary art… Get your nerve on.” I get that message: Take risks. But… why didn’t Smith note that the NuMu show’s precedent was apparently the Hirshhorn’s Uncertainty of Objects show? (Is it taking risks if a similar show was done just a year ago?) I mean, the NYT is a national paper… Also, collage and assemblage have been “dominant strategies” since long before the early 1980s (as Smith wrote), they were dominant in the late 1950s, made so by artists such as George Herms, Ed Kienholz and Bruce Conner.
  • David Chipperfield is the British architect of the moment, says StL P-Der David Bonetti.
  • Your guest-blogger for the week, The Stranger’s Jen Graves, is next…
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