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Building our blogroll: Minneapolis

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Background on what I’m doing. I added more Denver blogs today. Next: Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the Dakotas. Eyeteeth and Off Center are already on the lead list. Please leave suggestions in the comments.
Also: I just discovered that some ‘good’ comments were being diverted into a ‘spam’ folder. Sorry about that. I’ll keep a closer eye on the ‘spam.’

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  1. Paul says:

    Thanks for the linkage, Tyler.
    My favorite Mpls art blogs:
    • Alec Soth (you’ve already got him).
    Mpls Art covers the scene pretty well.
    L’etoile Magazine is good with the fashion.
    • And, in a town where arts writing seems to be dying out at the mainstream dailies, a non-blog don’t-miss for arts criticism is mnartists.org.
    That’s a pretty weak list for a town with so much great art. Hoping others contribute here, too.

  2. Taylor says:

    Make sure you include the blog from mplsart, which is the sh*t. Also, the blog for Placement Gallery.

  3. ZAF622 says:

    Thanks for the nod. I’ve added this great blog to my blogroll as well.

  4. MPG says:

    In an act of shameless self-promotion, I’d recommend my blog (athough I write about Mpls art only occasionally): Ongoing
    I also regularly read (and very occaisionally contribute to) the Walker’s Education and Community Programs blog.

  5. jb says:

    Whatever happened to Lux Iconic, the anonymous art blog penned by a prominent arts writer and former City Pages critic? The URL is dead now.

  6. Witt says:

    Bryan Kennedy, a Science Museum of Minnesota exhibition designer, runs a great blog:
    It seems like the Walker is totally represented, but we just re-launched our Teen Programs website. Content for the blogging portion is created by the Walker Art Center Teen Arts Council (WACTAC) and Teen Programs staff. http://teens.walkerart.org