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  • The place to start is NYTer Charles McGrath’s look at Met director Philippe de Montebello. Sure, it’s a little florid in spots. And if de Montebello “is the sort of director who believes in the Enlightenment notion of the museum as a temple,” it’s certainly one at which money-changers are welcome. (Except, sometimes, in the bookstore.) And I’m uncomfortable with the kind of kill-the-guy-off-before-he’s-dead speculation at the end of the story. It’s still a must-read.
  • Speaking of de Montebello, don’t miss Our Man as a young cover model.
  • The Post-Dispatch’s David Bonetti writes smartly on how the Pulitzer organizes thematic shows around its building.
  • LA Weekly scribe Doug Harvey on performance art, archiving performance, and the Getty Research Institute’s archiving of performances. (Don’t miss the GRI’s web features for the exhibition, including this weekly podcast. I say this all the time, but square inch-for-square inch, the GRI’s closet-sized gallery is the best- and smartest-programmed small space in America. I wish that the Met, the NGA, and others would copy it.)
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