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ADMIN NOTE: Apologies for the quiet week here — it’s hard to blog when all your notes/etc. are in a plastic box that acts like a doorstop. Data recovery is underway, a new Vaio is on the way, and sometime next week all should return to normal.
1.) Art gets sold at art fairs. Dealing is the primary function. But if I have to read the same ‘art sold at art fair’ story for the 389th time I’m going to… (Here’s a substantially undercovered angle: Curators use art fairs to find/select/track artists.) Art journos are on such cruise control that they write things like this and their editors let it slide: “Dealers are complaining that it has become difficult to sell great works. Collectors are grumbling about the scarcity of top-quality art.” Uh, well… either that’s not quite right, or it sounds like NYT (essentially) art market scribe Carol Vogel could act as a middleman there….
2.) Crystal Bridges has launched a blog, complete with posts from its director and chief curator.
3.) Is it just me or is there no promising/good summer art (book) read this year?
4.) Museum directorships soon-to-be-vacated/still open: Nasher, Walker, MIA, Wadsworth Atheneum, Phillips, Kimbell, Henry, MCA Chicago. Quite a list.
5.) I’m disappointed to learn that CalTech is going to destroy Lloyd Hamrol’s Moore’s Stone Volute to make way for a chemistry building. It’s a relentlessly pleasant piece, a kind of late earthwork of sorts.

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