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This could be a big week or three for art-world news:

  • With the Getty Villa opening out of the way, will LACMA (finally) introduce a new director?
  • Will the eye-popping compensation package that LACMA is offering make it into print? (And does the blogosphere count as ‘print?’ Because if it does, the answer is ‘probably.’)
  • The Met and the Getty have been in discussions with Italian officials about allegedly looted antiquities. Officials from both museums should be back in the US this week. Will objects go back to Italy? Or will a standoff create an ongoing story?
  • Will anyone else notice that this Chaim Soutine, which will be offered at Christie’s on Feb. 6, has an eye-popping provenance? (Gee, what was going on in France in February, 1943…)
  • Will Disney, having bought Pixar, make an offer for MoMA?
  • Will the NGA’s Cezanne show break attendance records?
  • Will AICA respond to Todd Gibson? (Disclosure: I’m a member.)
  • Will the non-regional press pick up on forthcoming annoucnements by the Clyfford Still Museum and the Vancouver Art Gallery on building plans? (They should, and thanks AJ.)
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