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Cumulus Studios: Textile Line

Just in time for the Holiday Season, we’ve asked Cumulus Studios to share a little bit about their new textile line, which also happened to be featured at this year’s NADA Art Fair in Miami:

Nathalie Karg/ Cumulus Studios has just released a new textile line for the outdoors, with motifs by contemporary artists Billy SullivanEllen Berkenblit, Jack Pierson, Jim Drain, Kenny Scharf, Liam Gillick, Marcel Odenbach, Nicolas Party, Rob Pruitt, Rob Wynne and Servane Mary.

With motifs ranging from colorful, pop-art inspired to muted Baroque style, the collection has wide appeal.  Missy by Billy Sullivan, reflective of the simple pleasures of life, features a frolicking Yorkshire terrier at six different moments in time set against a soft and playful pink background.  In 5Pandas 1 Skunk, Rob Pruitt uses his recurring panda motif to serve as “a symbol to tread lightly and to appreciate the adorable”.  Jack Pierson’s muted motif, Untitled, patches together “encounters, moments and memories” from old scrapbooks. All the textiles are poly-twill, intended for outdoor use and are available at $450/yd. Designs can also be custom-ordered in other fabrics for indoor use.

Booth at NADA Art Fair, Miami Beach

Textiles by Ellen Berkenblit, Nicolas Party and Jack Pierson.

Points in the Continuum: Dorsch Gallery prepares for PULSE Miami

BLOUIN ARTINFO is excited to announce the launch of our newest blog, Limited Edition! This blog is dedicated to our Gallery Guide partners and their voice. Limited Edition will give you an insider’s look at the latest news, events and opinions from our galleries, museums, and artists around the world.

As we approach the annual art pilgrimage to Miami Beach, Limited Edition has included Dorsch Gallery for a behind-the-scenes look at preparing for a world-class art fair:

Points in the Continuum:

Dorsch Gallery prepares for PULSE Miami

by Tyler Emerson-Dorsch

In the days leading up to the opening of PULSE Miami, we have to be sure that every detail is in order. We are excited and exhilarated and our artists are as well. There is promise in the air.

On Friday morning, I went to the Ice Palace, the iconic venue for PULSE at North Miami Avenue and 14th Street, to receive the scissor lift that Kyle Trowbridge will use to install Untitled Rant above the garden later that day.

Installing Kyle Trowbridge’s Untitled Rant at PULSE Miami 2012

Kyle’s project for PULSE Miami is the fourth appearance of his itinerant slogan, “Site of Temporarily Invested Interest.” He first wrote the slogan with Apple computer keyboard letters in a small work in 2010. In the second and third “lives” of the slogan, he wrote it in MDF letters, installing it on an interior wall of the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale (for Sight Specific, April 2011) and he embedded the message in a QR code painting (for his solo exhibition “The Politics of Time” at Dorsch Gallery, February 2012). With these words he marks territory, similar to the graffiti tags and murals all over Wynwood, but more than this, he calls the site what it is – in a rant one can expect the rhetorical use of repetition to hammer a point. He points out the discrepancy between the transient nature of the artwork shown – it could be any artwork really – as opposed to the meta operations of the institutions framing the newest great thing.

On Sunday Brook visited Ralph Provisero at the James Royal Palm Hotel on Miami Beach, where Ralph was installing his rammed earth sculpture for the Untitled Art Fair and the Miami-based non-profit Dimensions Variable. Titled Radiusramp, the work consists solely of compressed Everglades topsoil.

Installation view of Ralph Provisero’s Radiusramp (2012)

Because Brookhart Jonquil’s sculpture that was reserved for the booth sold today,  we changed the placement of his spot in the booth. He has a new piece in the same vein as his works that we exhibited last year in IMPULSE, when Brookhart was runner-up for the PULSE prize. His piece will be displayed on the floor this year, rather than the wall, in an effort to create a dynamic relationship between Brandon Opalka’s wall sculptures and Martin Murphy’s video L.A. Dreamer.

Brookhart Jonquil making sculpture for Dorsch Gallery’s PULSE booth

It’s Monday and we’re finally installing at booth e-202. The booth is looking good. Promising!

See you soon at PULSE Miami and around town!